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Rodents and other household pests gain access to the home through cracks in the walls, the basement, ducts and vents. The familiar scurrying of feet and rumbling behind the walls is usually a good indication that rodents have already gained entry to the home which is usually a sign to start doing repair measures to keep these pests out. Fortunately, there are a number of measures for making sure that all cracks are sealed and ducts are kept free from entry holes where rodents can slip through such as duct sealing and non-chemical methods of pest control.

Snap Traps

Although poison is a common option for most homeowners, they are often faced with the problem of dead or dying rodents that are stuck in the vents. Rodents tend to seek out their usual hiding places when they’re about to die which means that retrieval may be difficult to do. With chemical-based pest control,homeowners are also faced with the problem of a rotting smell circulating around the house. Snap traps, on the other hand, are a good solution for making sure that rats and mice do not gain access to your ducts and vents by catching them before they make their way into the innermost part of your duct system. The traps capture the mice and are designed to be easy to take out so that disposal is convenient and safe.

Maintenance for Ducts and Vents

Keeping ducts and vents free from rats and mice is important because you do not want them chewing through the plastic parts of the vents or creating holes where treated air can pass through. It is very important that any holes and cracks are repaired right away to ensure that rodents, smaller animals and insects and other contaminants cannot enter. Not only are you making sure that no rodents gain access and die in your duct system, you are also ensuring the air quality of your home. Regular maintenance also helps prolong the life of your duct system and can help you avoid expensive repair costs down the road.

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