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As the weather seasons change we too must change in order to adapt.  In the summer we use our AC systems to help us combat the sweltering heat. Now that the cold weather is upon us we need to ensure that our HVAC unit is prepared for the changing conditions. Here are some points to aid you in preparing for the unavoidable and add a few more years to your HVAC system.


How To Examine Your HVAC Unit

  • Examine your thermostat to ensure that our HVAC system is functioning properly. You can switch on the heating setting on a cold morning. While setting the thermostat to your desired winter time temperature.  If your HVAC never achieves the temperature or it takes too long, there may be an issue.
  • Unexpected noises or extra heat or water from your HVAC is an indication  that something is not right.  Don’t wait until it malfunctions as this would be more costly.
  • Vaccum any ruins from your furnace blower section.  If you choose, one of our certified professionals can assist you with this maintenance.
  • Test to determine whether or not the air is distributed evenly. Items such as furniture, bedding or toys just to name a few can prohibit air intake and cause your system to work harder.
  • If you aren’t prepared, get in the practice of modifying your air filters monthly. Just because you may not notice the dust, does not mean that it isn’t there.

Additional Tips To Consider

Take a look around your attic.  Are the floor joists visible?  If so it means that you don’t have sufficient insulation. This is a big problem. You see, around half of all your heat can escape if your home is not properly insulated. Instead of turning up the thermostat, get insulated!. When the weather cools, you should seek to insulate your home.

In addition to this, examine your outside doors and windows for damaged weather-stripping and replace if necessary.  If your garage is attached to your home, you should place weather stripping and the garage door.  This is vital for added limitations to cold wind which can make your HVAC function harder.

Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for more information on how you can keep your family warm this winter. The money spent up front will be well paid back in a short space of time and you will definitely notice the benefits.