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Commercial operations of all sizes, from the small business to the large corporation, feature a dizzying array of moving parts, yet business owners must take care not to lose sight of essential efforts that are ultimately fundamental to their success. Among those efforts are the steps necessary to take good care of the building in which your staff works. Commercial air conditioning maintenance and periodic check-ups for your heating solutions are vital for maintaining comfort and a healthy air quality level inside your spaces. However, it’s unlikely that you have a handy manual or booklet of checklists lying around to tell you how to ensure that your systems continue to perform at the optimal level of efficiency. What questions should you ask a professional HVAC maintenance provider to ensure you’re equipped with all the facts?

  1. How Often Will I Need Maintenance?

commercial air conditioning maintenanceNo one ever wants to suddenly encounter a problem so severe that it leaves your commercial space without proper heating or cooling, but that is precisely the kind of scenario that can develop when routine maintenance does not take place. So how often should you have your systems checked and potentially troublesome components inspect?

The answer may depend on factors specific to your business, such as the type of system you have, the local climate, and how often you must run the system. To arrive at an answer with certainty, you should discuss these factors with a maintenance provider. However, an annual “checkup” visit is usually the best place to start, with semi-annual service for larger and more complex installations. 

  1. What Kind of Maintenance Budget Should I Have?

Understanding how often you should seek maintenance is one step, but you have a business to run, too, and that means evaluating the financial risks. So, what about the impact on your bottom line? One thing is for sure: maintenance costs far less than a total unit replacement.

Again, the cost to your business is likely to vary based on the complexity of the system and whether there are any concerns turned up by the inspection. However, you can generally count on affordability for basic, periodic maintenance visits. Consider asking about service plans or agreements between your business and a commercial air conditioning maintenance company to stretch your budget further while getting your money’s worth. 

  1. Do I Need Maintenance That Goes Beyond the Furnace?

Periodic heating maintenance will primarily focus on the main elements of the furnace itself, from the burners and heat exchangers to electric ignition systems and more. However, it is worth asking your provider whether you should go one step further — perhaps into the ductwork. Ask about the potential value and benefits of enlisting duct cleaning services, especially if you’ve noticed concerns such as bad smells or an overabundance of dust when you run your furnace. Since your air conditioner likely uses the same ductwork, there may be a considerable amount of unwanted debris built up in your ducts. Ask to find out if that’s the case. Duct cleaning also allows for inspections that can reveal energy efficiency concerns, too.

Dust Mites in your HVAC Ducts

  1. What Are the Most Common Signs of Trouble?

The benefit of regular service is clear: it helps to catch failing components while they are still small and relatively inexpensive to fix. However, concerns may develop outside of your usual maintenance and inspection intervals. Ask your provider what you can do to know when to call them for help. Steps might include listening for strange noises, checking certain components on your own, and more. Find out how you can take a proactive stance towards protecting your furnace from unnecessary breakdowns. 

  1. What Can I Do to Reduce the Need for Maintenance?

Spotting the signs that say “call for help now” can save you money, but is there anything you can do to ensure that you’ll need less maintenance over the lifetime of the unit? While some components will wear out due to time and usage regardless, your provider may be able to give you tips that range from finding the optimal thermostat settings to knowing when to change out your air filter. Keeping these steps in mind can contribute to more efficient operations and a higher chance that your unit will function well throughout its lifespan. 

Don’t Hesitate When You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Taking the time to ask a provider about how to care for your furnace and when you might require commercial air conditioning maintenance now allows you to save time and avoid headaches later. Not only will you be able to spot problems quickly and address them before they become serious, but you can plan, budget, and schedule for your maintenance well in advance. When you don’t need to worry about the health of your HVAC system, you can refocus your energies where they belong — on running the business and setting it up for success. Take the time to reach out to a qualified maintenance contractor today.