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HVAC systems, comprising of heaters, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and humidifiers among other equipment, outlive their efficiency after some time; leading to low output and high energy consumption. When this happens, people need to replace heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency units. Additionally, a programmable thermostat would go a long way in helping save energy and money as it can be set to temperatures and time when to switch the equipment on or off. Below are a few signs that HVAC equipment needs replacing.

Factors influencing HVAC equipment replacement


Heater, boilers and furnaces, among other HVAC equipment, have optimum functionality for set periods of time, after which they wear out and function less effectively; resulting in higher energy bills. Most products have a lifetime of 10, 15 or 20 years, depending on the product. When the manufacturer’s time limit on the product approaches or expires, it is time for users to start thinking of replacement. Of course, regular maintenance of the product could increase the products’ life while improper installation and use could dramatically reduce the product’s life.

Low efficiency

The HVAC industry has, today, invented many energy efficient equipment; from lighting bulbs to heating and cooling equipment. Anyone who has old-generation equipment that incurs higher energy bills than reasonable should seek to replace these equipments with energy efficient and quiet equipment. Rebates and other programs help people fund such projects.

Regular and costly repairs

Whether HVAC equipment has outlived its functional life or not, when it starts consuming more energy with less output, operates noisily and breaks down often, it is time to replace it. Sure some of the faults can be fixed through repairs, but when the repairs become too frequent and expensive, acquiring new high-energy efficiency units can save a lot of money in the long run.

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats enable people set the temperatures and time they need their equipment to run. A programmable thermostat switches off the equipment on reaching the set controls or time. This prevents excessive consumption of energy; running the equipment when heating or cooling needs are not needed, such as when no-one is in the premises.


Heating and cooling needs can be considered basic as their fulfilment makes premises habitable. HVAC systems consume power to function, and it is important to use high-efficiency units. Replacing heating and cooling equipments should be a planned task that seeks to get rid of ineffective and failing equipment with energy efficient equipments. It is of utmost importance to employ the services of HVAC professionals to help one determine what equipments best suit him/ her, as well as install the new equipment, including a programmable thermostat. Regular checkups of one’s HVAC equipment, by these professionals, can, also, detect failing equipment and recommend the owner for an upgrade.