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When it comes to hiring a solid heating and air conditioning company, you can’t be too careful. The unfortunate truth is that a surprising percentage of HVAC companies are somewhat unscrupulous.  Most customers do not have an in-depth knowledge of air conditioning and heating systems.  As a result, immoral HVAC service providers will attempt to take advantage of such customers.  However, there are some honest HVAC companies out there.  Let’s take a look at exactly what you should look for in a HVAC company to get the type of results you deserve.

Air conditioning repairman working on a compressor and giving a thumbsup.

Customer Service Really Does Make a Difference

HVAC companies worth their keep will provide exemplary customer service. Merely answering the phone, scheduling an appointment and sending out a crew to do the work won’t suffice. A high-quality air conditioning company will make an effort to address all customer questions and concerns. These heating and cooling aficionados will go out of their way to ensure your comfort, regardless of your system’s problem(s) or your work schedule.

An Air Conditioning Company Worth Your Business Will Provide an Honest Estimate

The best HVAC service providers will provide customers with honest estimates for repair and installation projects. If an air conditioning company is unwilling to put a quote in writing, do not do business with them. The quote should explain the cost of the materials as well as the cost of the labor required to perform the work. Don’t be afraid to shop around to make sure that the first air conditioning company you contact has provided a genuinely honest and fair estimate. Job quotes will undoubtedly deviate yet there should not be a massive difference between HVAC service providers’ quotes.

Forthrightness About What Work Needs to be Performed

Though it is a bit depressing to think about, some HVAC companies will fudge the details regarding the type of work that must be performed to remedy your HVAC equipment. You can prevent such manipulation by getting a second opinion on your project. You should only have to pay for the work that must be performed. If a professional’s inspection of your HVAC equipment allegedly reveals a myriad of costly problems, don’t take his word for it. He might be trying to take advantage of you in an attempt to squeeze you for more money.

Every Air Conditioning Company Should be Willing to Provide References

Elite HVAC service providers will not hesitate to provide extensive references from past customers and even customers who are in the midst of repair work or installations. Furthermore, an excellent HVAC comapny should have an array of positive reviews posted on the world wide web. Be sure to conduct both types of reference checks. You just might uncover some useful tidbits that will help you pinpoint the best air conditioning company in your area.

Energy Star Qualified Products

If you need heating or cooling equipment installed, do not accept any old parts. Ask for Energy Star qualified products. If the air conditioning company does not offer such products, it might be prudent to move on to one that will. The Energy Star qualification is important! It is an indication that the HVAC equipment will perform up to the energy efficient guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This type of equipment will provide long-term utility savings. HVAC companies should even be willing to show customers calculations regarding how much money will be saved as a result of the installation of the Energy Star equipment. Contact us for prompt and professional service.