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Increase your home’s productivity through the installation of a new HVAC unit. In addition enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and a cooler home.  Contemporary HVAC systems are more dependable, beneficial and productive. If you are planning on improving your HVAC equipment-always ensure that you are consulting with a licensed HVAC technician to install your systems.

The local building code enforces a number of rules for installing HVAC gear, and if you don’t hire a licensed HVAC technician who complies with the regulations, you could be held responsible for any errors, inadequacies or safety faults carried out.

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Follow the Heat and Air Conditioning Code

The local building code set specific laws and these regulations for heat and air conditioning systems in California, are there to ensure that the equipment is installed accurately and safely.  The rules stipulate guidelines that include:

  • The types of protection gear to be used
  • The size and ventilation that is required for the space where the AC is to be installed.
  • How to handle toxic, combustible fuels, hazardous gases and  dangerous cooling substances.

Compliance is of vital importance and at times, homeowners may come across licensed HVAC technicians that may take shortcuts in relation to the code. These unethical technicians pay no attention to the regulations. Risk is the ultimate consequence when you choose a technician who either lacks the skill or a professional license.

It is the home owner’s responsibility to see that all work completed by the technician is within legal standards.  You can be deemed legally responsible if a sub-par licensed HVAC technician completes work within your home and as a result someone is killed or injured.

Licensed HVAC technicians can lose their qualifications if they don’t comply with the regulations, so they have a robust motive to ensure they conduct all business in a legal manner. If at all dissatisfied with the level of work done by the HVAC technician you can complain to your municipal government or the local professional body.  Contact Valley Comfort Heating And Air Conditioning to avoid these challenges.