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Each electronic has a SEER rating that is calculated by the manufacturing companies during assembling stage before they are released into the market. So what is SEER? Basically, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The performance of your system is directly related to the SEER rating indicated on its surface or user’s manual. Based on this fact, it is recommended to purchase systems that have a high efficiency rating as they are more economical on electricity and still deliver expected results, especially heating and cooling systems.

Ideally, the manufacturer accurately monitors output from cooling or heating system generated after consuming one unit of energy. As mentioned earlier, the higher the rating, the lower the total amount of energy that it consumes. This will in turn reduce your monthly or yearly energy bills. More importantly, you will be promoting environmental wellness by ensuring sustainable use of natural resources used to produce electricity. No need to worry though if you have no prior experience on how to determine appliances SEER rating as experts who work in most companies can furnish you with such information at no extra cost.

According to latest Federal Government regulations, all new air conditioning systems are supposed to have a score of at least SEER-3 for it to be released into the market. The main objective of the rule is to ensure consumers get maximum value for their money and conserve the environment. Some advanced equipments fitted with specialized internal components have a rating of up to SEER-23. More advancement in technology will definitely result in high efficiency appliances that will significantly promote various environmental conservation initiatives.

Homes or houses in areas that experience high temperatures should consider investing in systems that have seasonal energy efficiency rating of around 16 or more. Despite the fact that such equipments are very expensive, they are worth the money considering the long term benefits. There are also a number of online calculators that you can use to determine the rating of your heating or air conditioning system from the comfort of your home or office. All you have to do is input details of your system.

Understanding what SEER means will help you make intelligent enerfy saving decisions. Call us today for top rated energy efficient HVAC products in the industry.