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Do you have an important HVAC project to undertake at your commercial building? If so, it’s essential to shop around a bit and explore different commercial HVAC companies. While there are a lot of HVAC providers out there that focus on residential projects, not as many can handle the scope that commercial clients require. Choosing a commercial HVAC technician or provider is also a comparatively high-stakes decision, just because commercial HVAC systems are larger and are responsible for providing heating, cooling, and ventilation for bigger buildings. This blog post will help you navigate some of the most important considerations of hiring a commercial HVAC company.

Step One: Know What You Need

 commercial HVAC companiesAs you shop around, one of the things you are going to want to do is start contacting commercial HVAC companies and getting price quotes for services. While cost isn’t everything, it’s still smart to compare pricing for the HVAC projects you are considering. To get a quote, though, you need to have a basic idea of the type of services you need. Are you hoping to replace an aging HVAC system for your facility? Are you building an addition to your business that will require a new HVAC installation? Are you in need of some maintenance and repair work? Each of these needs falls into a different category and will help your HVAC provider understand what services you require from them.

Step Two: Do Your Homework

Before you even make any phone calls, do some research about the HVAC companies you are considering. You can learn a lot on the Internet, from the certifications your technicians hold to the professional organizations they are a part of, all the way to what their past customers have to say about them. Another valuable resource is government websites where you’ll find much information. Remember: your HVAC system is a vital and expensive component of your facility. You don’t want to entrust this system to someone who isn’t suitably qualified or licensed to do the work you need. Hiring a certified HVAC company with a strong reputation will ensure the best results for whatever service you have in mind.

Making sure you are hiring experienced HVAC professionals will also ensure that your system is installed, repaired, upgraded, or maintained safely. In turn, safe handling of HVAC components will protect your business, your employees, and your customers alike. Most people don’t think of HVAC as “dangerous,” but it can be if you leave it in the hands of someone who is inexperienced or unqualified. For instance, heating systems can be fire hazards if installed or maintained incorrectly.

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Step Three: Think Beyond the Next Appointment

If you’re shopping around for an HVAC contractor, you probably have a specific service in mind that you need someone to provide. However, you should also think beyond this particular “next appointment” when hiring an HVAC service provider. If you own and operate a business, your HVAC needs are not just simple one-offs. On the contrary, most experts recommend annual HVAC inspections and maintenance, and you want to have someone on your speed dial who you can call in the case of an HVAC emergency.

Put simply; you want to find an HVAC company with which you can establish an ongoing relationship. As such, looking for a business that can provide a wide range of services in the HVAC area—from installations to repairs to stuff like duct cleaning—is always wise. You should also try to learn a few things about the company’s customer service. For instance, does the HVAC company you considering offer 24/7 emergency service, just in case you need it in the future? Will the company work with you to find the right financing or payment options for your HVAC services? And during service, can you rely on your HVAC contractor to communicate with you about what is going on with your system? All these facets are crucial to developing a long-term relationship with your HVAC company, so consider them as priorities as you shop around.

Step Four: Start a Conversation

Once you’ve gone through the first three steps, it’s time to pick up the phone and have a conversation. Talking with HVAC professionals will give you a sense of their knowledge, their customer service, and their ability to handle your needs. Scheduling an appointment and getting a quote, meanwhile, will give you even more information—including a pricing estimate for the service you require right now. The best HVAC experts will be forthright and transparent with you about everything, from the cost of their services to the specific details of your service. You want someone who you can trust to give you every piece of information you need to make decisions about your HVAC system. Look for these qualities as you start reaching out and speaking with different commercial HVAC companies.