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Furnaces play a vital role especially in the chilly evening hours, which is the reason owning them has become necessary in many homes. However, with age and due to other factors such as poor maintenance, warning signs are likely to show up, which if not attended to in due time can force one to spend money on a new furnace.

Common Furnace Warning Signs

Strange sounds and odors
Although it is uncommon to come across a noiseless furnace, one of the common signs of a faulty furnace is the emanation of strange, loud sounds. If you note that your furnace has started making screeching, whining, or banging sounds, it might be time to call a certified HVAC contractor. In addition to unusual sounds, your furnace may be releasing odors. In such a case, it is important to seek professional help since furnaces should not be releasing any strange smells.

A defective thermostat
Whenever it gets chilly, the typical reaction is to go and crank up the heat a few notches. However, if this does not work, it may signify that your thermostat is not functioning as it should be. If some rooms in your home are too hot while others are too cold, the obvious problem is the thermostat.

Orange or yellow flame
An optimally working furnace should have a clear, steady blue flame. However, yellow or orange flame could only mean that there is an obstructed airflow in the burner. As minor as this sign might seem, you should not take it lightly. It is important to call a service technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Furnace is too old
The average lifespan of a typical furnace is between 10 and 20 years. However, any furnace that is more than ten years old is prone to frequent breakdowns and inefficient performance. One of the best ways of making sure that an older furnace is running efficiently is by performing regular furnace inspection and maintenance.

Whether your furnace has a defective thermostat, clogged filter or faulty wiring, a certified HVAC technician can find the problem and fix it. Although the above signs may be an indication that your furnace is on its way to permanent disrepair, you can save yourself the stress by simply contacting your local HVAC Contractors for heating system and furnace service.