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Your home or office’s heating and cooling system is invaluable for your ability to enjoy a comfortable, safe lifestyle while you are indoors. As you know, most heating and cooling systems manage indoor climates by way of air forced through a duct system. That being said, it is important that your ducts are regularly cleaned. Here are the benefits of duct cleaning and how you should go about getting it done:

Why is duct cleaning so important?

Your heating and cooling system will deliver cleaner air

In addition to maintaining a constant temperature, most heating and cooling systems also filter air. However, the same harsh particles that your system is trying to eliminate will collect in your ducts. As this happens, these particles will be pumped into your rooms before they can be filtered out. Duct cleaning prevents this by removing the excess particles before they can cause a problem.

Your heating and cooling system will be much more efficient

Maintaining your indoor climate is expensive. It costs so much energy to do this, in fact, that around 40 percent of the amount charged on a typical energy bill will be due to heating and cooling. Contaminants within your system’s ducts will cause it to work a lot harder to maintain a constant temperature because it has to force its way through solid objects, instead of just air. When this happens, your energy bill increases significantly. Duct cleaning streamlines the efficiency of your system by removing these contaminants.

Your heating and cooling system will last longer

Every fixture within your home or office has a shelf life; your heating and cooling system is no exception to this rule. While this is a fact, you can still take steps to extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. The undue strain placed on your system by trying to work past contaminants will reduce the durability of it.

Problems can be spotted while your ducts are being cleaned

Air leaks, damaged ducts and other types of problems can and will happen. These types of issues will hinder your heating and cooling system’s efficiency more than the contaminants that we discussed earlier. However, they usually aren’t very noticeable, even in places like an unfinished basement or the attic, where your ducts may be visible. Although it is intended to remove contaminants from your ducts professional duct cleaner will inevitably spot any problems that currently exist within your ducts.

How do I get my ducts cleaned?

The first thing that you must understand is that duct cleaning isn’t as simple as dusting off the coffee table, so it isn’t a DIY job. You need to hire the services of a professional duct cleaner to get the job done safely and effectively. That being said, don’t let anyone claiming that they can clean ducts touch your system. Here is what a professional duct cleaner should look like:


Professionals trained to handle heating and cooling systems will have certifications proving this. Be sure to ask about this — and proof of certification — up front


If nobody is going to a particular individual for service, then it is probably for a good reason. Try to find professionals who have a steady stream of customers.


There are many situations not covered in training. As such, working will someone with years of experience will yield better results, especially if something goes awry.

Take care of your heating and cooling system ASAP

You want your heating and cooling system to operate safely and efficiently for a long time. Duct cleaning will go a long way towards this.