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Boiler servicing is very important.  It’s hard for many homeowners to believe it, but gas central heating in the form of boilers and furnaces didn’t always exist.

Hundreds of years ago, even the richest kings in France would cut down whole forests to throw the kindling in huge hearths that only kept one part of the Palace of Versailles warm during the coldest winter months.

Vintage mansion - a boiler room with containers and pipes

We’ve really come a long way since that time since gas-powered central heating with boilers (boilers heat water) and furnaces (furnaces heat air) enables literally hundreds of millions of homeowners to have seamless comfort thanks to convenient thermostats.

Reasons Your Home and Workplace Need Regular Boiler Servicing 

Today the electric switch on your home’s boiler works in conjunction with a local gas main and natural gas supply to eventually send heating and comfort throughout your home via your home’s radiators.

The pump connected to your gas-powered heating system sends heated water up from the boiler and the thermostat allows you to stay in control of your home’s heating.

Now, your boiler should really be checked at least once per year by a professional service engineer to ensure that everything is up to snuff.

When a professional service engineer comes to your home or place of business s/he’ll do a full safety check and determine whether your boiler is achieving its full energy efficiency and remains in safe working condition.

  • Proper Diagnosis and Timely Boiler Servicing

Getting your boiler checked yearly ensures that you and your family stay safe and enjoy year-round comfort.

If you’re encountering boiler problems like a lack of heat, lose of pressure, weird smells or noises, or a pilot light that shuts on and off then you need to have a professional service engineer come to your home right away.

Describe the exact symptoms to your service engineer. If you’re hearing a heavy rumbling sound coming from your boiler then this could indicate that whitish deposits known as lime scales have accumulated on your heat exchange. This can potentially be dangerous and imperil both the energy-efficiency and safety of your home.

A professional service engineer will look for deposits and also ensure that your radiator isn’t getting too hot, which could indicate a problem with the seamless flow of water from your boiler to the radiators that warm your home.

That’s really the benefit of having a service engineer stop by your home or business – they know both what to look for, since they have years of experience with boilers and furnaces, and they know how to fix the problem so that you can get back to peace and comfort.

Boiler Servicing Saves Time, Resources and Hassle 

Just like our bodies need regular exercise and good nutrition to stay healthy, the boiler in your home needs the right looking after to stay in tip-top shape.

Getting your boiler regularly serviced could also end up saving you thousands of dollars per year if you’re a homeowner or even tens of thousands a year if you’re an employer or project manager overseeing tens of thousands of square footage in the colder winter months.

A boiler that works to the manufacturer’s specifications and meets energy-efficiency benchmarks will absolutely save you money from month-to-month on your utility bills. This is actually a very big deal since homeowners spend, on average, about half (48%) of their total energy expenditures on heating and cooling their homes, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Regular boiler maintenance and boiler servicing can keep your home warm and comfy since you won’t have to scramble for servicing: You’ll have addressed any problems before they’ve cropped up!