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Keeping your home heated during a long cold winter is a priority of every family, and keeping your electric boiler going for as long as possible is the best way to make sure you are comfortable when the air is chilly outside. To do this, you will want to increase the life of your electric boiler by following the tips below.

Make sure that your electric boiler isn’t working harder than it needs to work. You can make the job of your unit a little easier by creating a home that is efficient to heat. Is there a draft around your doors and windows? Is your attic properly insulated? Is your basement unfinished? By fixing all of these problems, you can increase the efficiency of your heating system. Since it will not have to work as hard, it will last longer. Operate your electric boiler only when you need it.

Operating when the weather is warm will cause additionally wear and tear on your system. Once a month visually inspect your boiler for any problems. Most of the time it should look just fine, but taking the time to look over your system will help you spot problems early and help prevent serious damage. Clean your unit. Keeping your system clean and free of dirt and debris will increase the life of the unit. Most problems begin with too much dirt clogging an area causing it to break.

Keep the area around your unit free of clutter. Do not use your boiler as a storage area.Clutter around or on top of a boiler will place undue stress on the system. This can cause something to break or over time just cause the structure of the system to weaken decreasing its life. Set the unit to automatically turn off after the interior has reached its target temperature. This will ensure that the unit doesn’t continuously run. By allowing your unit to rest, the life of heating system will be longer.

Change the filter.A dirty filter will cause your unit to work harder and will break down sooner. A clean filter helps everything to run smoothly. Have your boiler serviced regularly by a professional HVAC technician. A professional servicing will increase the life of the boiler by keeping maintained.

By following these tips, your electric boiler will running smoothly for years to come.