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Your business has to be more than just a professional looking space. It also should feel like a professional space, so that you can count on all your employees to be comfortable and perform their best work. However, when your climate control systems do not function as intended, it can be challenging to maintain a workplace that people want to spend time in, and your productivity can slump as a result. To avoid such a scenario, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the most common furnace problems that business owners face.

common furnace problemsWhen you are aware of common furnace problems faced by commercial businesses, you will be in a better position to avoid them and keep your commercial furnace in excellent shape. The following seven issues represent the most common challenges that business owners run into with regard to their furnaces. Keep an eye out for them always, and make sure that you contact a skilled contractor for help if any of them arise.

Look Out for These Common Furnace Problems

  • Poor air circulation due to dirty air filters. Air circulation is essential for the successful operation of practically any forced air furnace system. If the air cannot travel through the ducts without being blocked, it cannot carry heat into your office. As a result, the furnace may overwork itself trying to heat the space in your building, and essential components may wear themselves out before their time. To avoid this problem, ensure that the filters are cleaned or changed out once a month. However, you should also arrange duct cleaning for your system every 2-5 years if you want to ensure that poor airflow will never cripple your system.
  • Regular wear and tear. Some air conditioner problems are simply the result of components becoming old and slowly wearing out. Every part of your system has a lifespan, and even systems that receive immaculate care will eventually wear out or require replacement parts. If your system is more than a decade old, it may be time to replace it entirely.
  • Problems with your pilot light or electric igniter. Sometimes your furnace will not even start properly, due to a problem with the pilot light or igniter. These problems may be solved by merely cleaning the part in question—but be advised that it is not a clever idea to attempt this by yourself. In fact, pilot lights are so sensitive that trying to clean them without specialized knowledge and equipment can damage them beyond repair and make the problem worse. Always call a professional.
  • Thermostat malfunctions. Many commercial HVAC problems can be traced to a problem with the thermostat itself. The thermostat is essentially the central nervous system of your HVAC—it provides the information that the rest of the system acts upon to heat or cool your space appropriately. If the thermostat lacks batteries, has been programmed incorrectly or is malfunctioning, you should consult the manual and call a professional for help if you cannot solve the problem yourself.
  • No heat (or not enough heat) produced by the furnace. Sometimes a furnace will run but fail to generate enough heat for the space in which it is installed. This effect can be the result of poor airflow because of dirty filters or a blockage in your ducts. However, it can also be the result of having a system that is just the wrong size for your building. If you have been experiencing inadequate heating ever since the furnace in your office was installed, you may wish to have a professional visit your home and see if you need a unit with a higher Btu rating.
  • Short cycling. If your unit is turning off and on again with more frequency than seems normal, it could be short cycling. Short cycling is another sign that your system is not the right size for your building. However, short cycling usually indicates that the system is too large for the space in which it is installed. It can reduce the efficiency of your system and cause it to fail faster than it should if it is not corrected.
  • Excessive noise. If your system is making too much noise, there could be a loose fan or motor bumping around inside. Attempting to fix this by yourself could be challenging and dangerous if not done correctly, so it is always best to call a contractor if you suspect that this is the case.

Avoid Common Furnace Problems by Being Proactive

Common furnace problems do not have to be your furnace problems. The most important thing is to act the moment you suspect that you may be dealing with one of the issues listed above. If the issue is only due to a thermostat without batteries or an air filter that needs replacing, you may be able to take care of it on your own. If not, make sure you know of a reputable and fully qualified contractor who can help you.

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