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The functionality of your building’s air conditioning is of the utmost importance. This vitally important system is essential to maintaining a comfortable work environment. Let’s delve into exactly what you should require of a commercial AC service provider.

Ask About the Company’s Experience

Find out how long the company has been in business. Ask about the types of jobs they have completed in the past. If they have primarily worked on residential air conditioning systems, move on to a candidate that has substantial experience servicing commercial air conditioners. The bottom line is that residential air conditioners are significantly different from commercial systems in a variety of aspects.

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Request Referrals

One of the best ways to gauge the merit of a commercial air conditioning provider is to speak with former customers. You might even find it prudent to speak to a current customer who is in the midst of a repair/installation. Hop onto the web and read the reviews posted about potential commercial AC service providers in your area. You just might uncover some insights regarding the professionalism and work quality of local candidates.

Request Proof of Licensing

If the commercial air conditioning service lacks a license or has one that is expired, you should not do business with them. Unlicensed HVAC providers often make critical mistakes that lead to even costlier problems down the road. Ask for proof of a valid license to ensure the AC service provider’s employees have the proper training and skills to get the job done right on the first try.

Find out About Availability

It is quite surprising to learn that some commercial service providers have limited hours of availability. Others are available around the clock for emergency repairs. If something goes wrong with your business’s air conditioner, you will need immediate assistance from your HVAC provider. So find out ahead of time as to whether they will be available for such emergency service.

Research Equipment and Offers

The quality and reliability of your HVAC system is critically important. Some commercial AC service providers have a diverse inventory of air conditioners and related equipment. Ally with the right HVAC provider and it might be possible to score an affordable commercial air conditioner that doesn’t make a massive dent in the money you have allocated for utilities. Look for energy-efficient cooling equipment with the ENERGY STAR label. There might even be rebates available for these uber-efficient cooling machines.

Ask for a Written and Itemized Estimate

It is a mistake to ally with a HVAC provider that refuses to provide a written and itemized estimate for the project at-hand. Perform in-depth comparisons of each candidate’s project costs, warranty and equipment quality. Request such a written estimate from several contractors before making a commitment. Furthermore, the HVAC provider should provide a written proposal detailing the job’s nuances before work is actually started. Read this document over in-depth. If it does not meet your standards, don’t sign on the dotted line. The proposal should include all pertinent information concerning the project’s costs, the job schedule, warranty information and model number(s).

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