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Underfloor heating is quickly spilling into the mainstream. It makes life much more comfortable and luxurious. Yet just like any other home improvement feature, there is always the potential for something to go wrong. Fortunately, underfloor heating problems can be remedied without an extensive and costly overhaul. When in doubt, reach out to the heating & air Santa Rosa experts for professional assistance.

Underfloor Heating Problems: Where to Start

underfloor heatingIn many instances, your underfloor heating system can be remedied without digging up the floor. In some instances, pipes are air locked, pumps are worn out or there is a fuse/wiring issue. Begin by examining your thermostat. Perhaps the thermostat, programmer or timer settings have been altered by a power outage. Take a look at the fuses to ensure everything is in proper working order. Verify that the boiler is producing hot water.

What can go Wrong: A Malfunctioning Temperature Sensor

If your thermostat shows a reading that is well above or below normal, the underfloor heating sensor might be malfunctioning. It is prudent to have a secondary underfloor heating sensor installed just in case something goes wrong with the initial sensor. However, if your system does not have a backup sensor, it is possible to swap out the broken sensor with a new one. This will require the assistance of heating & air Santa Rosa to dig up a tile or the grout lines to place the sensor next to the underfloor heating mat.

Heating Mat Cable Issues

Though underfloor heating mat cables are quite reliable, problems can arise across posterity. In some instances, the use of an underfloor heating cable repair kit is all that is necessary to get the cable back up and running. If anything goes wrong with your underfloor heating mat cable, rely on our underfloor heating professionals to get it back up and running in a timely manner.

An Unknown Failure

In some instances, the location of the failure cannot be identified. Though this failure is quite challenging, it can be corrected with the assistance of heating & air Santa Rosa experts. It might be necessary to use several different high-tech tools like a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint the exact location of the failure. When the break is located, the tile above the break must be dug up for repair.

Cable Breaks

A considerable percentage of underfloor heating repair projects involve remedying accidental breaks in the system’s electric cable. In order to correct this failure, one must pinpoint exactly where the break is located. A cable repair kit will be needed to remedy the break.

A Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat should not be ignored. Reset it to the initial factory settings. If the thermostat still malfunctions, it is time to replace it.

Valves and Circulating Pumps That Stick

If your underfloor heating system’s valves and/or circulating pumps stick, it is time to perform some preventative maintenance. Be sure to run your system for 20 minutes each month and you’ll reduce the odds of a circulating pump or valve sticking. If you’d like additional tips to reduce the odds of underfloor heating system issues, our heating & air Santa Rosa gurus can help.

Lean on the Professionals for Your Underfloor Heating Needs

If you are interested in an underfloor heating system or need your system corrected in any manner, do not attempt a DIY (do it yourself) repair job. Contact the heating & air Santa Rosa professionals to get the job done right. We know all the ins and outs of underfloor heating. Put your faith in our professionals and you will not be disappointed.