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A lot of diseases and infections are caused by bacteria and fungi. Most of these pathogens dwell in the indoor air and can be harmful if inhaled by people. Due to this, people are employing different techniques to help improve the air quality. A good example of such techniques is the use of UV lights.

Indoor Pollution

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution can be much higher than outdoor air pollution. To fight indoor air pollution people tend to dust the house more, keep windows closed and clean frequently. However, this does not completely clear allergy or asthma symptoms. This is because of airborne pathogens and their byproducts. These airborne germs are a huge contributor to indoor air pollution.


The use of germicidal UV lights helps reduce mold and other unwanted microorganisms, creating a safe living environment. The pathogens die when exposed to UV rays. This clears HVAC surfaces such as drains or ductwork that are a common site for bacterial and mold growth.

Improved Solution

In areas where the air has many harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds, a catalyst can be used to increase the efficiency of UV light. The catalyst reacts with UV rays and combines with the pathogens and pollutants to form harmless byproducts. Though this method is not 100% effective, it helps reduce a huge percentage of pathogens found in air.


Shinning UV light in ductwork, or on the heat pump evaporator coils or A/C provides a huge boost to one’s air cleaning efforts. It is very effective since most of the air in the home passes through the HVAC system at one point in time. Therefore, by complementing the HVAC filtration system with ultraviolet radiation, one can have cleaner and more breathable air in the home.

If you have concerns about the cleanliness of indoor air in your home or office, it is advisable to install some UV lights in your HVAC system. This is an easy procedure. However, if you are not conversant with your air conditioning system, feel free to call us for this and any other heating and air conditioning needs that you have.