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The winter season can take its toll on your HVAC system and it would be wise to be prepared before it sets in. This article provides you with heating and cooling tips that will help you get well prepared.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system. This is where air is cycled throughout your home, keeping you warm during winter seasons and cool during those hot summer months. It is important to check the ductwork and ensure it sealed properly. You should also make a habit of cleaning air ducts to stop mold from growing due to moisture.

Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling can drain your pocket on energy bills if correct measures are not taken. If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, then it would be wise to switch to a newer model that is more energy efficient. To save even more money on air conditioning, always check your thermostat to ensure it has the correct settings based on the season.


Some HVAC maintenance tasks can be performed without the need to call in a professional. Tasks such as cleaning or replacing air filters are fairly easy to perform. Make sure you replace the filters every three months to ensure your system performs smoothly. It is however important that you have a professional check and service your system at least once a month to avoid problems in the future.


In most cases, some simple repairs and maintenance tasks can fix problems with the HVAC system. If you are spending too much money on repairs, then you might want to consider replacing your unit. If so, shop for programmable thermostat which makes it easier to control your new unit.


Even after your system has been checked and serviced by a professional, make sure to check devices such as the smoke detector to ensure they are up to date and that the batteries are working perfectly. This ensures additional protection for you and everyone else living in your home. If you have more questions about the matter, feel free to call us for all your HVAC needs.