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Whether you live in Southern California or near the northern border of Washington State, the AC is still one of the most important fixtures in your entire house or office. This is because it makes your indoor environment a wholly comfortable one, even during the hottest days of the year. That being said, your AC can only help you stay cool if it is functioning properly; if it is not, then you’ve got to call an AC repair or replacement service to help you out pronto. That being said, not all AC services are made the same, and you don’t want to call the wrong AC service, because they could end up either not fixing the problem or making things worse. All that being said, here’s what you need to consider when looking for an AC service provider to ensure the best possible quality of service:

Professional certification

AC repair and replacement is not a profession that you can simply jump into without actually knowing what you’re doing. You need a great deal of education in order to complete an AC repair or replacement safely and correctly (otherwise, you’d be able to handle the task yourself). To that end, all legally operating AC repair and replacement services are fully certified to mess around with your system.

If an AC service isn’t both proudly proclaiming that they are certified and more than willing to bring your proof of it, then you need to move along to the next company without looking back.

However, having a professional AC service certification is like graduating college: you have the basic tools that you need to do certain things, but this doesn’t mean that you have enough experience to handle any type of situation that could occur in a real world work environment. As such, certification is the most basic criteria that you should take a look at when determining whether or not an AC service is even worth a phone call.

Solid experience

A more experienced AC professional will have had the opportunity to encounter a larger variety of AC issues. This increases the likelihood that he or she will know exactly what to do with your AC problem.

Good, recent customer reviews

Even an experienced AC service provider can be a ripoff. Fortunately, you can rely on the good and bad experiences of past customers to help you avoid this. Every reputable service will either have a host of customer reviews online, or will be more than willing to furnish those customer reviews for you. Don’t just look at star ratings, either. Make sure that you actually read the reviews.

The ability to handle the AC service that you actually need taken care of

A company that “technically”  provides the greatest AC service on the planet isn’t worth much to you if they can’t handle your specific problem, so find this info out up front.


The cost of your AC services is on the bottom of this list for a reason: it is the last thing that you should consider when searching for an AC repair or replacement service. This is because a cheap service could end up damaging your AC and compromising your home’s safety. Only start to consider cost after you have made a shortlist based on the factors discussed above. When you do consider cost, make sure that you find out about consultation fees, because you don’t want to be charged for a visit without knowing beforehand.

Choose the right AC service the first time

Carefully consider all of the criteria above to help you make the right choice.