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The primary purpose of an HVAC air-conditioning service is to maintain the system’s operational capacity. Installing an air-conditioning system is essential to create the ultimate indoor environment. It regulates the quality of indoor air through the processes of ventilation and filtration to provide a comfortable interior. Circulating clean air in your home erases the possibility of airborne contaminants affecting your health as well as other factors such as mold and dust mites. Furthermore, it reduces the humidity, which controls the comfort of the environment. 

As with any appliance or an electrical object that is in operation for a large part of the day, it requires maximum effort from the components within. Naturally, certain parts go through wear and tear that demand regular servicing to ensure their efficient application. Neglecting maintenance will affect the performance of the system and cause an increase in your energy bills. 


Prevention is Better than Cure

Investing in the condition of your HVAC system will extend its life and provide you with clean air while your energy bills remain steady. As humans, we sometimes shelve our problems until it is too late. A typical example is that of our cars. Instead of fixing the problem immediately, we allow it to linger until it reaches the point of no return. After that, we find ourselves in deeper trouble as we have a larger expense to repair the issue. Hence, it’s advisable to properly maintain anything that is continuously used, in particular, your HVAC system. 


Where to Start with Your HVAC Air Conditioning Service?

Replacing or cleaning your filters is essential for the system to continue operating effectively. You will find it along the return duct in a central system and mounted on the grill of room air conditioners. When the filters are clogged or dirty, it prevents normal airflow, thus reducing the system’s abilities. The air passing through a dirty filter carries with it unwanted dirt to the evaporator coil, impacting the coil’s heat-absorbing function. It is suggested you replace or clean your air conditioning filters every month or two months during summer. Apart from saving you money on future damages, it reduces your energy bill by anything between five and fifteen percent. 


Air Conditioner Coils

Even though the filter is present to prevent dirt from accumulating on the evaporator coils, over some time (even with frequent filter changes), the coil will attract dirt. If your coil is situated outside, exposure to dust and other fragments of dirt increases. Try to minimize the presence of dust and debris around the condenser unit. Clean around the coil and condenser to allow air to flow through freely. 


Duct Cleaning

Perhaps an integral part of an HVAC air conditioning service is the cleaning of its ducts. These are the avenues with which your system provides refined air to your interior. Over time, dust, hair, and other such matter accumulate, causing the system to function less effectively. Cleaning the ducts depends on various elements but can be done via brushes, vacuums, and powerful blowers. 

A professional duct cleaning company will either make little holes in the ducts to use optical imaging for minor cleaning or remove panels for a thorough job. Duct cleaning brushes are long and flexible enough to reach blockages deep into the ducts. Blowguns are effective in removing dust on the sides of your ducts. Finally, powerful vacuums can suck out any dirt that restricts the airflow in the air conditioning ducts. 


What Happens if I Don’t Clean the Ducts? 

Dirty ducts affect the quality of the air you’re receiving in your home. If you leave the ducts without cleaning for too long, it will clog them and result in a total blockage of air. As a result, you will encounter more problems

Since treated air is restricted from entering the home, the thermostat won’t recognize that the interior is being cooled. As a result, the system works harder to create a cooler environment and draws more power than it requires. Compressors, coils, and condensers wear out much faster when overworked, which leads to system failure. If there is a foul smell accompanying the air from the system, you should be aware that the clean air is encountering a foreign body on its the way to the room. 

As a result, you’ll end up paying more on your energy bills. Furthermore, replacing a compressor could cost you thousands of dollars. To add to your woes, you’ll wind up forking out more money for medical bills if anyone in your family is affected by the poor quality of air and the contaminants that enter your home. 

The ultimate guide to indoor air quality


Conducting HVAC air conditioning service regularly is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by 95%. Furthermore, since your system is running in optimal condition, it reduces your energy bill by up to 30%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Maintaining your system ensures you extend the life of your air-con unit, which guarantees a return on your investment.