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If you aren’t exactly sure when you should call the heating contractors to have your HVAC system replaced, you are not alone. Most people tend to forget about their heating and cooling systems until something goes drastically wrong. The average person has little, if any, idea as to which types of HVAC problems can be repaired and which ones require the installation of a brand new system. Keep reading to find out some telltale signs that indicate it is time to replace your heating and cooling equipment.

HVAC System Replacement Signs

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Though some heating and cooling systems can last upwards of a decade and a half or longer, do not hesitate to call the heating contractors if your system has reached this age range. In general, it is time to start thinking about replacing HVAC systems when they reach 15 years of age. Have a new unit with the ENERGY STAR label installed and you will save upwards of 20 percent on your home heating and cooling costs.

A High Frequency of Repairs

In many instances, a string of repairs will add up to a total that is equal to half the cost of a new system. If your HVAC system malfunctions at a high frequency, it’s a good idea to invest in a new high-efficiency system.

A Spike in Your Energy Bills

Don’t shrug off an increase in your home energy bills. Such an increase is a sign that your HVAC systems are not operating in an efficient manner. Invest in a new system and you will undoubtedly pay less to heat and cool your home.

Uneven Heating and Cooling Should Spur You to Contact Heating Contractors

If you find that certain rooms in your home are warmer or cooler than other rooms, your HVAC systems are having a difficult time spreading air throughout the home in an even manner. This is quite the common problem with older HVAC systems. Such systems tend to suffer reduced efficiency and fail to distribute warm/cool air in a uniform manner. Don’t accept this problem as inevitable. Upgrade to a new HVAC system and you will enjoy air at your selected temperature throughout the entirety of your home.

Loud Noises Coming From the System

A noisy heating/cooling system is a sign that there is a significant issue with the indoor coil. Or, the duct system might be woefully undersized. If the noises aren’t silenced after one repair attempt and the system is more than 10 years old, do not hesitate to have a new system installed.

A Lack of Warm/Cool Air

Do not attempt to justify the continued use of heating and cooling systems that generate air that is only slightly warm or cool. HVAC systems that fail to provide hot and cool air must be replaced.

If Your Home has Humidity Issues, Reach out to our Heating Contractors

A home that is overly humid or extremely dry might suffer from a faulty HVAC system. In some instances, the heating and cooling system equipment is no longer capable of operating at peak capacity. Sometimes the equipment is inadequate. Even leaky ductwork can result in overly dry winter air or uber-humid summer air. Have a new system installed and your home will maintain the perfect level of humidity.

Replace Your HVAC System and You’ll Reap the Rewards

If your HVAC systems exhibit any of the signs outlined above, do not hesitate to have a new system installed. You’ll enjoy clean air at the perfect temperature, reduced energy bills and peace of mind. Contact our heating contractors today to get the ball rolling on your new HVAC system.