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Imagine that you’ve stepped out to run a few errands in the mid-July summer heat. You can’t seem to escape the heat as it feels as if it’s inside you. The sidewalk feels like it’s burning into the soles of your shoes. Your only oasis is your home with its air conditioning. However, when you get there, the inside of your home feels just as hot as outside. You start to wonder how this is possible when your air conditioning has been working all day. This is the first sign that you require ac repair.


What is Air Conditioning?

According to the ‘Father of air conditioning’, Willis Carrier, the system must regulate humidity throughout the building, supply constant and adequate ventilation, and remove micro-particles and other contaminants from the air. It must also cool the interior in summer, heat the interior in winter and not be a costly affair to acquire and maintain. While some regard air conditioning as a luxury, it is essential in areas where temperatures soar.


Air conditioners require your attention as you would maintain your car, or you end up needing an ac repair in Santa Rosa. If you find that the air inside is hot, you can inspect your outside unit to troubleshoot the issue.


Troubleshoot the AC Power Supply

The first step you should take is to inspect the power supply by looking at the breaker. If you find that the breaker has tripped, it requires the hands and knowledge of a professional to repair. Additionally, you should listen carefully to the control cabinet for any sounds. There shouldn’t be any noise, but if there is a slight humming, that is a sign of a bigger problem of less voltage powering your air conditioning.


Worn Out AC Motor?

Another cause for local ac repair is when your air conditioning motor burns out. It’s a mechanical component; hence it suffers from general wear and tear. When it finally gives in, the fan on your air conditioner stops spinning, which results in adverse conditions indoors. If the air conditioner was old, it might be time to shop around for a new one, or you can hire a professional company to come in and conduct an air conditioning repair. However, regular maintenance avoids a scenario where repair or replacement are the only options.


Is There a Broken Belt 

When the fan of your air conditioning isn’t spinning, it could be a result of a broken belt, or it may have become loose. These systems that use belts are old and outdated, so you may want to think about installing a new air conditioner, especially since a broken belt is a sign that the system is aging. However, if you’re happy to remain with the existing unit, you can simply replace the belt.


Do You Have a Blocked Compressor?

The outside unit is to exposed to various elements that places it at. The outdoor compressor requires adequate space to work, which is approximately two to three feet between itself and other structures. Sometimes plants can grow rapidly around it, causing it to malfunction. Furthermore, there must be five-feet clearance from the top of the unit to any trees.


Check for a Dirty Filter

Filters are an essential component in the world of air conditioning. It’s recommended that you change the filter every month in the summer, especially if you have pets. Dirty filters restrict the airflow resulting in the formation of ice. Ice places strain on the fan and other parts of the system, causing it to shut down. When you’re replacing the filter, it’s vital to acquire the correct size because a filter that doesn’t fit obstructs the flow of air, negatively affecting the system.


Check for a Broken Fan

When you’ve tried all other avenues to resolve the issue, inspect your air conditioner’s fan. It has bearings that enable the fan to spin, which may collect sludge that prevents it from operating efficiently. As a result, the motor experiences stress and eventually burns out. You can attempt to add lubrication to the bearings by shutting down the air conditioner at the breaker. After that, remove the panels and insert oil into the lubrication ports on the motor. Finally, give the fan a spin, and if it goes well, then you’ve solved the issue. On the other hand, if you don’t have such luck, it’s time to call a professional to assist with your air conditioner repair.



These are some of the methods you can employ to get your air conditioning functioning again. However, sometimes it’s best just to call in a qualified HVAC contractor to restore your system. Bear in mind that professionals recommend regular maintenance for your HVAC system to operate at maximum capacity, especially if you rely on it for all seasons. Duct cleaning is part of that maintenance that a contractor should do between one to two years. Valley Comfort Heating and Air offer experienced and qualified technicians that are available to assist with your air conditioning.





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