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As a business, you have innumerable expenses already: payroll, electricity, training costs, marketing, rent, and raw materials or equipment are just the top of the list. Nevertheless, you can’t escape the logistical costs of your physical plant. Many businesses fail to appreciate the full impact of commercial duct cleaning, mostly due to the idea of “out of sight, out of mind”. Despite ducts being enclosed spaces, often running through walls, there are several things you should know about keeping them clean. Below we review five major concepts you should know related to duct cleaning.

Major Benefits of Consistently Clean Ducts

Commercial Duct CleaningAs with all maintenance activities, there are positive benefits to completing the work timely. Two core benefits of regular duct cleaning are:

  • Air QualityWith clean ducts, your air flows freely and cleanly, resulting in comfortable, easy-to-breathe air that is inviting to guests and employees alike. Further, clear air allows you to invest in supplemental systems such as commercial air scent systems that work in conjunction with your HVAC system. While this is not a necessity, it highlights a possible way to improve the atmosphere in your business further. 
  • Energy Costs – You understand the importance of the bottom line. If your expenses exceed your revenue, your business can’t continue in operation. As such, you need to keep your costs low, and one area that often goes under the radar is HVAC efficiency. Over time, there’s a bit of “frog boiling in the pot” wherein business owners don’t recognize the subtle increase over time. But eventually, ducts decrease your system’s efficiency and increase your energy costs. If you have clean ducts, you can noticeably reduce energy expenditures related to your HVAC system.

Every business enjoys saving money and presenting a welcoming atmosphere for its customers, so it’s vital that you recognize how duct cleaning plays a crucial role in those aims.

The Potential Issues Related to Commercial Duct Cleaning

When you’re considering the benefits of commercial duct cleaning, there are two other factors to consider. The first is what happens when you neglect cleaning for too long. How frequently you should clean your ducts depends on your system and building layout, but if you start to see signs like these, you should increase your cleaning frequency. The second factor relates to who should clean ductwork, as it’s not merely another project that you can delegate to janitorial or service staff.

  • Mold, Allergens, and Pests – Your clientele, of course, appreciate a nice-smelling place to shop or do business, as do your employees. Aside from dirty ducts potentially creating an undesirable odor or stale smell over time, you must also be concerned with allergens, mold, and pests. The latter may make homes in untended ductwork over time, especially if they gain access through loose fittings or an opening.

    Ducts accumulate many contaminants over time. Restaurants’ kitchen ductwork frequently experiences oil buildup that can play host to unwanted growth. Some people are especially sensitive to mold and allergies, so they will feel it if you’re overdue for a cleaning. If you clean your ducts every 1-2 years, you’ll be in good shape. 
  • Difficulty – For the vast majority of people, duct cleaning is not a DIY project. It requires special tools to delve into your HVAC system, potentially climbing heights, and may involve manipulating your furnace or air conditioner. For commercial entities, this complication is compounded by the fact that you have more ductwork than residences, often in even less accessible locations. Thus, you must find a qualified contractor to safely and effectively handle your duct cleaning.

With those issues in mind, we can now briefly consider what the signs of an excellent contractor are.

Dust Mites in your HVAC Ducts

Finding the Right Contractor

The final point to consider is how to find the contractor best suited to your needs. There are several qualities you should seek:


  • Your contractor should have experience working in commercial settings, not just residences.
  • A quality contractor will be responsive and communicate clearly with you regarding expectations and a timeline.
  • A trustworthy contractor will charge the right price for the work; not so little that they may not be completing the full job, nor so much that they’re gouging your budget.

You can turn to reviews and recommendations from past clients, as well as the contractor’s consultation. If you get a positive feeling both from others and the contractor’s demeanor, you can feel comfortable hiring them to clean your ducts

Where to Find More Information about Commercial Duct Cleaning

An experienced, established business is one of the best places to learn further details regarding commercial duct cleaning. While this article reviewed some of the basics through five major points, there is still much more to learn. You can contact a well-known HVAC company for more information and to ask them to visit your business. The only way to know how much it would cost and how effective it will be to contract duct cleaning is to call for a consultation.