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For most home and business owners, it’s easy to think of the HVAC system within only two contexts: investing in hardware, and the limited ways in which you interact with your system directly, such as through your thermostat. However, from time to time, it’s worth turning your attention to the duct work running through the spaces in the ceiling above your head. For optimal functionality, you need to consider not only the conduits but the duct work insulation that covers them. This insulation covers your ducts, which are often susceptible to temperature loss on their own, and traps hot or cold air inside to ensure that your HVAC system can function efficiently. 

ductwork/ventilation systemIs it time for you to replace your insulation? Over time, the multiple materials used for insulation can lose their effectiveness, impacting your finances and putting your hardware through more wear-and-tear. For businesses, updating the insulation may even be a matter of compliance

Here are six reasons to consider asking for help replacing your duct work insulation now rather than later. 

  1. Your Duct Work Is More Than 10 or 15 Years Old

At this age, your ducts are near the end of their intended lifespan. However, in many cases, a thorough duct cleaning can help to revitalize them, and adding or replacing insulation will help to reduce the influence of hot exterior air and interior leaks. The longer that it’s been since you’ve had a professional look at or work on the insulation for your ducts, the greater the chances that you will need a replacement with a better R-value. With this service, you will witness your energy bills go down as unit efficiency goes back up again.

  1. Your Energy Bills Continue to Climb

Speaking of energy bills, have you seen yours climbing more than usual during the hotter months of the year? This increase could be a sign that your insulation is not doing its job. It could also be a sign that your AC is underpowered for your space or that it needs routine maintenance. Speak to your contractor of choice about how to lower your power bills by replacing the insulation around your ducting.

  1. Mold Has Made Your Duct Work Insulation Its Permanent Home

Mold isn’t just a problem inside of ducts—it can be a problem on the outside, too. Mold growth happens most often when duct work occupies very hot and humid spaces at the top of a building or home. Without proper ventilation in these spaces, the conditions are perfect for the rapid growth of mold. While mold in your insulation may not necessarily make its way into the ducts, it still requires your attention. Replacement is the easiest way to address this concern.

Dust Mites in your HVAC Ducts

  1. Your Ducts Have Suffered Damage Due to Animals or Accidents

Rats, raccoons, possums—these and other critters can make their way into your home via the roof and cause damage to your property. They might chew through duct work insulation, for example, or tear it away from appropriate areas. Either scenario can lead to inefficiencies and problems down the road. Whenever your ducts or duct insulation sustains damage, you should consider requesting a professional assessment. 

  1. Your Home Doesn’t Have an Efficiently-Designed Duct System

Not every homeowner or installer does things by the book. When you purchase a home, you may not know that its duct work doesn’t have insulation or that its layout is inefficient. With help from a professional team, you can redesign the ducting setup to allow for more effective and more even heating and cooling throughout the home. Replacing insulation to correct someone else’s errors can help you to finally enjoy the benefits that you should’ve had access to from the start.

  1. You Want to Find More Ways to Save

Finally, you may want to speak to a professional about your ducts even if you don’t know of any current issues with the insulation. If you’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce your energy consumption and your ecological footprint, it may be worth exploring additional insulation or an upgrade to a more efficient material.

Look for Qualified Help to Service the Duct Work in Your Home

Replacing duct work insulation might not be something that you’ve ever considered, but it should be easy to see that it’s worth your time and attention right now. When a simple service could drive down your energy bills and save you more money every month, why wouldn’t you want to fully explore the possibility? 

Your next steps should involve finding a trusted air conditioning service provider in your area and asking them questions about your duct work, its current state, and whether your insulation requires replacement. With these proactive steps, you can enjoy better heating and cooling at a lower annual cost along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you won’t need to make any major changes in the years to come.