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Winter’s fury can unleash some of the most dreadful weather conditions known to man. To guard against nature’s fierceness in the winter consider insulating your home.   Successful insulation will help you keep warm this winter. It acts as a thermal barrier and it is this obstruction that stops hot outdoor air from coming into your home during the hot summer season. Now in the winter period it entraps the air from your HVAC system. This helps to provide a warm and snuggly home environment for your family.

insulation-warning-valley-comfort-heating-and-air-conditioning-CADifferent Types Of Insulation

The success of your insulation is evaluated as R-value.  The more elevated the R-value is, the more powerful your insulation’s immunity would be to heat circulation.  Despite this, you should not have the same R-value insulation installed through your home.  Rooms with cathedral ceilings would be more suited to have elevated R-value insulation.  However, rooms with more solid walls would not be as appropriate.

The US Department of Energy has entrusted R-values for given areas. The climatic conditions of the area must be taken into consideration as well as the heating and cooling energy costs for the specific areas outlined by local law. Insulation comes in four models and these are:

  • rolls and batts
  • loose-fill
  • rigid foam
  • foam-in-place

Rolls and batts are typically flexible insulators that are made of fibers, like fiberglass. Loose-fill insulation on the other hand use loose fibers or pellets.  Rigid foam is more expensive than fiber, but generally has a higher R-value per unit of thickness. Foam-in-place insulation can be blown into small areas to control air leaks, like those around windows, or can be used to insulate an entire home.

A higher R-value insulation is costly.  In a hot climate, your R-value in your attic should be between 30 and 60.  However, for other parts of your home it should be about 12 to 15.

Have Professionals Help You

Give your home the upgrade it deserves this winter season.  You will be amazed at how this changes the way your home feels. It is advised that you hire a professional to help identify the best way to secure your home. Why not get a home energy audit completed?  A home energy audit would assess your heating system, present insulation, windows, doors and other areas of your home.  This will help you identify any problems first hand so you can deal with them promptly. Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for fast results.