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Updated 02/14/24


Living in Santa Rosa has numerous benefits, not the least of which is the warm weather that graces most days of the year. However, there are certain moments when the heat is just too much to bear. During those periods, an air conditioner is one of the most valuable items that anybody in Santa Rosa can own. HVAC systems provide area residents with the ability to cool off at any time, even on the year’s most blistering days. However, there are specific responsibilities one must undertake when they become an air conditioner owner, including occasional air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa. Periodic repair keeps your system functioning efficiently, saving you money in the long-term and ensuring that your air conditioner will enjoy a long and productive life. What many people do not understand about air conditioners is that they are made up of numerous interdependent mechanisms. Each one of the parts that allow your air conditioner to operate has the potential to affect other components of the system. These effects are generally positive, but in cases where a part is not performing correctly, they become adverse. It is, therefore, necessary to carry out air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa and other areas as soon as a problem is detected.


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Don’t Wait to Arrange Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioning repair Santa RosaSome people believe that an air conditioner can be left alone for as long as it is still running in some capacity, but this attitude is rarely cost-effective. Instead of waiting until your entire system is on the blink and paying to replace most or all of it at once, it is always advisable to nip individual malfunctions in the bud before they have a chance to compromise other areas. For example, some homeowners might ignore a blockage in their ductwork as long as it doesn’t completely prevent air from moving through the home. However, savvy homeowners will recognize that a blocked duct can prevent an adequate amount of air from reaching the compressor, causing it to freeze over and fail utterly. Not only will a new compressor cost you somewhere in the ballpark of a thousand dollars; you’ll also pay more to use the system in the time leading up to the point where the compressor fails. Since reduced airflow makes the entire apparatus less efficient and causes it to use more energy than usual when cooling your home, regular maintenance is essential. The above example illustrates just one way in which postponing repairs can have unintended consequences. However, the variety of situations in which equivalent results could occur is extensive. When you become an HVAC owner, the key is always to think long-term. The more obsessed you become with short-term savings, the more likely you will be to forego measures that could prevent expensive future catastrophes.


Choosing a Professional for Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Rosa

Knowing when to call for air conditioning repair is essential, but it is equally important to be able to choose a contractor you can trust to perform reliable work. When you need help with an AC problem, who should you call? The question can be vexing, but there are a few surefire ways to answer it for yourself. Look for the following criteria whenever you are considering a contractor for AC repair near you:

  • Are they licensed?

In California, a C-20 license is required by any HVAC contractor who performs work costing more than $500. A C-20 license indicates that they have passed several exams, and worked in the industry for at least four years as a journeyman or higher.

  • Do they have a respectable reputation in your local area?

Your contractor should be known to other area residents who can attest to their skill. Make sure you do your research and hire an established contractor who is known for performing quality work.

  • Do they offer long-term service contracts?

Long-term service contracts can save you considerable amounts of money. They ensure that the same professional will visit your home once or twice a year and look for signs of trouble in your system so that you can prevent problems before they cripple your air conditioner.

  • Are they familiar with the type of system you own?

Not all cooling systems in Santa Rosa are the same, so be sure to choose a contractor who understands the type of system you have and has worked on similar systems before.


Valley Comfort Heating and Air Can Save You Money

Air conditioning is a boon during the summer, especially with the recent heat waves, but it can also be a real strain on your wallet if you’re not careful. The purchase and installation costs of the units themselves can be pretty expensive, and they tend to use a lot of electricity. Because air conditioners are some of the more costly household appliances, homeowners are sometimes reluctant to spend even more money to have them serviced professionally. Unfortunately, skipping tune-ups and repairs is a great way to wind up spending a lot more money down the road. On the other hand, working with Valley Comfort Heating and Air to ensure your air conditioner is in top condition will save you cash in the long run so you can keep the AC running all summer without worrying about your wallet.


HVAC 101 Everything you need to know


What are the Different Types of Air Conditioning Problems?

As the top choice for AC repair in Santa Rosa, we’ve seen examples of all the air conditioning problems out there. Like most appliances, air conditioners have a ton of moving parts inside, which means there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong. Here are a few of the most common problems you might run into:

  • Dirt & Clogs – The most important thing you can do for your air conditioner is to keep it clean. Dust, pet hair, and other contaminants in the air will get caught up in the air filter or elsewhere in the system, reducing the airflow through the unit. This forces the AC to work harder and make up for it, raising your electric bills and causing wear and tear on the parts inside. We’ll give the unit a thorough cleaning during every maintenance appointment, but you can help by cleaning or replacing the air filters as directed.
  • Refrigerant Leaks – Air conditioners use a working fluid called refrigerant to change the temperature of the air. If the refrigerant lines spring a leak, even a small one, the refrigerant can escape and cause problems with the rest of the unit. Not only will low refrigerant levels force the AC to work harder, but it can also mess with the delicate heat transfer system that it runs on. This can lead to ice forming on the coils and other temperature-related problems. We test the refrigerant levels and top off the lines during regular service appointments, so staying up to date with those is the best way to avoid this issue.
  • Motor Problems – Like any other motor, the compressor and fan motor inside your air conditioner will gradually wear down its bearings and other parts, reducing its efficacy. You can slow this down by making sure the unit doesn’t have to work any harder than usual, but inevitably you’ll need to repair some parts. Allowing compromised motors to keep running without fixing them will only make the problem worse, so we highly recommend getting someone to check out the unit as soon as you notice anything strange.


What You Should Know About Your AC System in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa can get pretty warm during the summer, so anyone living in this area has probably already done a little research into air conditioning system options if they don’t already have AC installed in their home. With average highs in the eighties from June through September, it’s tough to imagine surviving summer after summer without something to help you stay cool all day.

Installing a new air conditioning system costs an average of around $5,000, so it’s definitely a good idea to take good care of the one you have. If you keep up with the maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner, it can easily last ten or even fifteen years before finally breaking down. AC repair in Santa Rosa costs significantly less than purchasing a whole new system, so catching and fixing small problems early is the best way to save money.

Because the Bay Area has a Mediterranean-style climate, the summers can get fairly dry. This helps you stay more comfortable when the temperatures rise, but it also means there’s more dust blowing around in the air outside your home. When dust gets caught in the air filter of your AC system, it can reduce airflow and wear down the rest of the system, so make sure you check it about once a month or so. We recommend reusable filters, but you can also pick up packs of disposable ones that need to be replaced every month or two.

The dust in the air also means staying up-to-date on duct cleaning is a good idea for anyone living in Santa Rosa. Luckily, you’ll only have to hire someone to clean your ducts once every few years, so it’s not a frequent expense. Keep in mind that allowing dust and dirt to build up in your ducts will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system and lead to higher power bills, so it’s worth taking care of the cleaning as directed.


What is an HVAC Technician?

An HVAC technician is a worker trained to fix and maintain all parts of an HVAC system, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and anything else that controls the climate in your house. A technician is different from a contractor, who leads a team of workers and handles the design and installation of HVAC systems. Typically, an HVAC company will be headed by a licensed contractor who employs a team of technicians to help with installation and handle maintenance and repairs for clients. You can think of a technician as essentially a mechanic for your air conditioner.

In California, all HVAC technicians are required to hold licenses proving that they have both the knowledge and the experience to properly service HVAC systems. They’re also required to be licensed by the EPA demonstrating that they have the proper training to handle refrigerants, which can be damaging to the environment if mishandled. Though some states don’t require licenses for technicians or contractors, we highly recommend only hiring licensed HVAC workers. Not only do you know that they’ll be experienced and knowledgeable, but you also know that they’ll be fully insured. Hiring an uninsured contractor is an enormous risk since you could end up having to pay for any mistakes they make out of your own pocket, and insurance companies will generally only write policies for licensed workers. Some HVAC companies, including Valley Comfort, also hold licenses for plumbing-related work as well so they can do their own backflow testing when installing HVAC systems.


Tips for Avoiding AC Repair Expenses in Santa Rosa

The best way to avoid potential repair and AC replacement costs is to keep up with your regular maintenance appointments and keep your air conditioner free and clear of all dust or dirt. Poorly-maintained air conditioners will wear down faster and require more frequent repairs, which can create a strain on your pocketbook. Air conditioners are generally built to last, but they do require proper maintenance and service like any other machine.

One way to keep up with maintenance is to pick up a service contract with an HVAC company. These contracts typically last between 5 and 10 years and will run you about $200 to $500 a year, depending on the company and the type of air conditioner you have. If you sign a service contract, you’ll pay the yearly fee and get free maintenance appointments twice a year, as well as free repairs if something breaks down. Generally, the only things you’ll have to pay for outside the contract itself are replacements for major parts like the coils or compressor. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to make sure their air conditioner is taken care of without having to be on top of everything themselves. However, it’s a good idea to take a look at regular maintenance and repair costs to make sure the AC repair contract value is equal to or greater than what you’re paying for it. After all, there’s no sense in paying $500 a year for two free service appointments when the appointments themselves are only $100 each.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to fix an air conditioner, it depends pretty heavily on the type of work the technician needs to do.  Regardless of how you choose to set up your service schedule, regular maintenance is the best way to avoid big repair bills and long appointments in the future. That also means having small problems taken care of before they become big problems. Putting off small repairs is a little like driving around with your check engine light on. It’ll save you money in the short term, but you’ll end up with much bigger repair bills down the line.


How to Fix Common Problems with your AC Unit in Santa Rosa

Some of the most common problems your air conditioner might run into will require professional help to fix, but there are some things you can do yourself to either solve the problem or make the job easier for an HVAC technician. If you feel that the airflow through your HVAC system has been reduced, there’s a high likelihood that cleaning the unit will solve the issue. If you have a split-system air conditioner, make sure to clean both the indoor and outdoor units. Another common problem that’s easily fixable for homeowners is a tripped circuit breaker. If your air conditioner isn’t running at all, the first thing you should do is check the fusebox. It’s not uncommon for AC units to use a little too much electricity now and again and trip the circuit.

Even if you can’t fix the problem by yourself, a little indoor and outdoor unit troubleshooting can be a big help for the HVAC technician who comes to fix the AC. Even just establishing that the trouble is with the AC itself and not the thermostat or air filter can be extremely helpful. Keep an eye out for any moisture collecting on or dripping from the AC, as this could signify a clogged drain line or a broken tray. Strange sounds or odors coming from the air conditioner can also be a sign that something is wrong and you should get in touch with a professional HVAC company.

The best way to extend the life of your air conditioner and avoid indoor or outdoor unit installation costs is to keep your eyes and ears open. If something is wrong with your AC, you’ll usually be able to tell that things are a little off. Whether it’s a strange noise, unusually warm temperatures, or just a spike in your power usage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an HVAC company if you notice anything odd.


How to Prevent an AC Unit Replacement in Santa Rosa

If you want to avoid the extra cost of replacing your air conditioner, regular maintenance and cleaning are the two things you should be doing. An AC system can easily last for fifteen or even twenty years if you take good care of it, but it’ll struggle to make it to ten years if you don’t. Think of it this way: you would never go years without taking your car to the mechanic, right? Especially if you think something might be wrong with it. Air conditioners are the same as any other piece of machinery – they require maintenance and attention to work to their full capabilities.

If you live in Santa Rosa or the surrounding counties and you’re looking for an HVAC service company, Valley Comfort Heating and Air is here for you. You can get in touch with us here on our website, over the phone at (707) 539-4533, or come visit us in person at our storefront in Santa Rosa.


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Choosing professionals to perform air conditioning repair at your Santa Rosa home can seem complicated, but it’s much easier when you know what to look for in a contractor. For more information on choosing a professional near you, call Valley Comfort Heating and Air and speak with one of our experienced representatives who can tell you more. Check with us here at Valley Comfort Heating and Air, our customers love our attention to detail and our friendly, affordable service. (707) 539-4533