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Regular commercial air duct cleaning is essential. If your commercial building uses a ducted system for HVAC purposes, then it will inevitably build up dust, hair, mold, and other debris or contaminants over time. Investing in regular duct cleaning is a key piece of HVAC maintenance that will not only preserve air quality in your building, but will also help maximize the efficiency and effect of your heating and cooling system. The question is, what does a professional air duct cleaning cost for a commercial building?

Determining Air Duct Cleaning CostAir Duct Cleaning

  • How many people the job requires.How many personnel will your HVAC company need to get your ductwork cleaned in a reasonable timeframe? The answer to this question will depend on a few of the other variables here—particularly the size of the system. However, know that larger crews will add to the labor part of your bill, increasing your air duct cleaning cost.Labor rates.Speaking of labor costs, be sure to ask your HVAC contractor what their hourly rate is when you are having them prepare a quote for your project. Any HVAC company preparing a quote should include this information anyway, but it’s always worth clarifying. While you may pay some materials costs to get your ducts cleaned, the biggest part of the bill will be labor. Knowing the hourly labor rate will give you a more immediate understanding of what kind of air duct cleaning cost to anticipate and how different companies compare if you are getting multiple quotes.


  • How much ductwork you have. The most significant variable that is going to influence air duct cleaning cost is how much ductwork you have. More ductwork means more space to clean, which in turn adds time and materials costs into the equation. Different HVAC technicians will measure your ductwork differently. Some will want to determine the square footage of the ductwork in your building and bill you that way. Others will focus on linear feet. The number of vents in your HVAC/duct system is also relevant, as vents cleaning is a component of the overall duct cleaning process.


  • How clean your ducts are.Dirtier or more contaminated ducts pose bigger challenges for cleaning and take more time to clean thoroughly. Since part of the air duct cleaning cost will be labor expenses, expect to pay more to clean a dirty duct than you would spend to clean a cleaner duct of similar or identical size. In this case, how much time has passed since your last commercial duct cleaning is going to be a big factor. For reference, experts typically recommend that you clean the ducts in your commercial building every 3-5 years. The type of contamination also affects the air duct cleaning cost. A dusty duct is easier to clean, for instance, than one ridden with excessive mold growth. More frequent duct cleanings can avoid these types of severe problems, but there’s no one rule of thumb for all commercial buildings. For instance, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) notes that certain factors—such as water damage, renovations, in-building smoking, and pets —will get ducts dirtier faster and force the issue for more frequent cleanings.


  • The accessibility of your ducts and HVAC system.How easily technicians can get into your HVAC system to clean your air ducts will affect what they quote as your air duct cleaning cost.  Systems with more easy access points—such as vents, grills, grates, or registers—are easier to clean and require less nuanced planning. HVAC technicians appreciate these easier, more straightforward jobs—something that will be reflected in the price of services.


  • The condition of your ducts.Even beyond overall cleanliness, the condition of your ducts matters when determining a likely commercial duct cleaning cost. If your HVAC technician discovers a crack in one of your ducts or poor sealing work, for instance, they are going to recommend that you have that issue repaired. An HVAC cleaning service cleans ducts, but most HVAC technicians who offer this service can also provide repairs and maintenance for your ductwork and the rest of your HVAC system as well. They can even switch out the air filters in the HVAC system. Trusting your HVAC contractor to fix any pressing maintenance issues while they are already up there working in and around your ducts is the most cost-effective option in the long run but will add extra expense to your HVAC service bill.


Dust Mites in your HVAC Ducts

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Dirty and contaminated ducts are an issue for many commercial buildings, but they don’t have to be. Hiring a qualified HVAC team to inspect and clean your ducts will yield many benefits, from improved air quality to reduced heating and cooling expenses. Your employees will be happier to have a working environment that doesn’t aggravate their allergies, and you will appreciate having an HVAC system that runs more efficiently and affordably. Get the ball rolling and reap these benefits today. Pick up the phone and start calling HVAC companies near you to ask for quotes on air duct cleaning cost.