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Complicated HVAC systems have so many parts that air filters are often forgotten. This negligence can lead to several problems down the road which could be costly to fix. Regular preventive maintenance is necessary to ensure that potential issues get spotted and corrected right away before they become difficult to handle. Changing the air filter should not be an afterthought but a task done periodically. The consequences of neglect include the following:

Poor Air Quality

Air can contain any number of impurities depending on the season and location. The filters are meant to block most of these so as to increase air quality inside the home. Over time, dirt accumulates on the surface until the whole area turns gray. It is harder for a clogged air filter to stop particles from getting inside as dirt can get sucked in. Sometimes air quality is worse indoors than it is outdoors. This condition is not good for the long-term health of the family, especially if a member has an allergy to dust, pollen, and similar things.

Increased Energy Usage

Once the entire filter surface becomes covered in dirt, even pure air will have a difficult time passing through. The system will compensate by boosting its work rate which means higher energy expenditure. This will be magnified even more during months of extreme temperatures as greater effort is needed to keep the inside of the house at a relatively comfortable range. Individuals who are conscious of their environmental footprint will not be pleased with the wasted energy. Learn more about the types of filters and have plenty on standby to change the existing one if necessary.

Rise in Utility Bills

The wallet will take a direct hit because of filter neglect. With greater energy usage inevitably come higher utility bills and the changes can be significant. Most households operate on a tight budget so sudden spikes in expenses put a strain on everyone. The money set aside for leisure time and non-essential items may have to get crossed out to pay for the bills. This can be quite frustrating if vacations and purchases have been planned well in advance. Check your air filter’s condition to avoid such a scenario. Keep the energy charges predictable by consistently performing maintenance checks. After all, these can be completed very quickly.

Frequent Breakdowns

Poor air quality is not only bad for humans but for machines as well. The HVAC system may suffer from performance decline due to the large quantity of impurities circulating around it. This could worsen into a component breakdown. A technician may have to be called in for repair or replacement and both of these do not come cheap. Shutting down the system to complete the task will also cause added inconvenient to the residents. Steer clear of all the stress and enjoy hassle-free operations by changing the air filter every few months.