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The comforting sound of air rushing out of the vents in your home lets you know that cooler temperatures are on the way as your air conditioner works hard against the hot weather. What if that refreshing cool air is carrying allergens and other particles that degrade air quality and make your home less comfortable, though? For most homeowners, all their concerns surrounding air conditioning focus on the actual unit itself. Few pay any mind to the potential impacts of dirty ductwork. Often left untouched for years or perhaps even decades at a time, ducts get dirty just like everything else. How could dirty ducts be negatively impacting your home, and what can you do about it?


How Do You End Up With Dirty Ductwork in the First Place?

There are many invisible particles of dust and other allergens suspended in the air. As the air flows through your air conditioning ducts, some of these particles will eventually settle out and form a layer of dust inside your ducts. Other actions, such as cigarette smoking and cooking, can also release particles that enter your air ducts. Incursions by small animals could leave droppings and other biological waste behind, while a house that is too humid indoors could see the mold starting to develop within air ducts and around vents. Over time, all ducts become dirty, though not every home will see the same level of contamination.


Can You Do Anything to Stop This Process from Happening?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove all the particles from the air in your home — that would require turning it into the equivalent of a scientific clean room! Avoiding actions such as smoking indoors, however, will contribute to better indoor air quality. Periodically changing your air conditioning filter is a smart move, too. You should do so approximately every one to three months, depending on the type of filter you buy and the number of people and pets in your home.

Ultimately, though, your ducts will become dirty given enough time. When that happens, air quality could decrease, your system may work harder, and you may find your allergies more frequently aggravated. Duct cleaning is one answer.


The Benefits of Periodic Duct Cleaning

Dirty ductwork doesn’t automatically equal bad air quality or adverse health effects, but it may play a role. Therefore, engaging professionals to clean your ductwork in Santa Rosa is a smart idea that may have benefits for comfort in your home over the long run. These advantages include:

  • Fewer airborne contaminants and a lower likelihood of allowing mold spores to circulate through your air system.
  • More energy efficiency. Your unit will not need to work as hard to push air through clean ducts, leading to rooms cooling slightly faster without raising your energy bills.
  • Peace of mind. Isn’t it nice to know that your ducts are just as clean as you keep the rest of your home?


How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

By contacting HVAC professionals, you can eliminate many of the problems surrounding dirty ducts in one quick visit. The process takes only a few hours and involves the use of some special equipment, such as high powered vacuum cleaners, rotating flexible brushes, and other related tools. Using the vacuum, professionals ensure that dust cannot escape from the ducts before using the tools to break up and remove the built-up layers of dust and grime on the inside of your ductwork. Duct cleaning pros typically suggest you have this done periodically, ranging from once a year to once every few years. There’s no need to request cleaning more frequently than that, as it takes time for contaminants to build up in the system.


Selecting a Professional with the Right Tools For the Job

What should you look for when selecting a team to restore the comfort in your home? Choose a well-rounded, professional, and local HVAC contractor that offers duct cleaning services as a part of their package. As part of the process, consider calling the company and inquiring directly about their duct cleaning services. Ask them about the equipment they use, how long appointments take, and whether they can handle the challenges of cleaning up any mold that may be in your system. Don’t forget to ask about their licenses and insurance coverage, an essential part of choosing any business to work within your home.


Don’t Let Dusty Ducts Make Your Home Less Enjoyable

When you run your air conditioner, all you should need to know is that it will reliably reach the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. Why worry about spreading dust, pet dander, and other allergens around your home every time the AC starts to run? Explore your options for resolving problems with your dirty ductwork in the Santa Rosa area today and find your way towards breathing easier.