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The quality of the air inside your home or business may depend upon a few different factors, such as the changing of the seasons and how often your HVAC system is used on an annual basis. In order to make sure that your unit is operating at full capacity throughout the year, periodic duct cleaning will likely play an important role in its performance. The benefits of having a clean flowing forced air system will be explained here, as well as how a few different cleaning procedures are performed. When it comes to efficient, effective and healthy internal climate control, all of the moving and stationary components should be working in unison for the best results.

Duct Cleaning Advantages

Allergies and respiratory conditions seem to be more commonplace these days, and in many cases, air quality is often related to these ailments. Dust particles and other debris have a tendency to accumulate inside the ducts when your system is not in use. Turning on your AC or your heater following idle periods can  loosen up these particles and send them straight into your living areas, thus increasing the risk of allergy flare-ups and/or upper respiratory problems. Complete duct cleaning services can help to minimize, if not eliminate these risk factors.

A smooth running system can also help to reduce your energy utility costs, especially when your air handler or furnace is clean and operating as it is intended. Saving money while breathing in clean air may end up being a twofold benefit.

Duct Cleaning 101

HVAC technicians will follow a number of steps to administer a thorough cleaning by inspecting the core of your system; whether you have a furnace, an air handler or both, keeping them clean is a must. Because the forced air in your home or business flows through these devices, contaminants can easily hitch a ride and blow through your vents. The cleaner your air handler or furnace  happens to be, the air traveling through your vents should follow suit.

Gunky Grilles

Also known as vent registers; they’re mounted just outside of your vent openings and will begin to collect sludgy buildup. Over time, you’ll be able to see your vent covers collecting dirt around the edges, which is one of the signs that you may be in need of a thorough duct cleaning. A number of non-abrasive solutions can be used to clean your grilles, yet they will need to be removed for polishing, disinfecting, and allowing access to your duct system for the next phase.

Duct Cleaning Methods

Cleaning the intake and supply air ducts will involve specialized equipment designed to decontaminate your internal flow system and get rid of excess debris. Two common methods can be used get the job done efficiently.

The first involves sealing off all but one of the vents and extracting the particles thru a negative pressure machine, where the particles are sucked into the machine’s filtration system. Then a high powered rotating brush will be inserted into the ducts for a deep cleansing.

The alternative duct cleaning procedure also involves using a rotating brush to loosen the debris and then removed with a high PSI suction hose. Both methods have proven to be effective in residential areas, as to where larger vented structures may be better off with the negative air pressure procedure.

The final stage of the duct cleaning process entails disinfecting and deodorizing your entire HVAC setup.

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