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After a long summer, unsatisfactory HVAC maintenance and an overworked or maturing system can cause your HVAC unit to experience difficulties during the fall season. Imagine having to go without heating during the colder seasons because you have neglected to repair your system after summer is over. Sounds hard to believe, but its true. In order to avoid this ensure that you call an experienced HVAC technician before this affects the comfort of you and your loved ones.  Bear in mind that these mends can be made only if you keep up with your maintenance appointments.

hvac maintenance HVAC Maintenance Repairs To Look For When Summer Is Over

Sealing Refrigerant Leaks

The sealing of refrigerant leaks is an activity that should be taken very seriously. This is one of the most common problems you can encounter after working your HVAC system too arduous during the summer season. Remember refrigerant should never be disappearing from the HVAC system at any given time. If this happens contact us! Your system will be examined in-depth for leaks and the appropriate repairs carried out efficiently.

Cleaning The Coils

Have your coils inspected and cleaned at regular intervals.  HVAC coils can accumulate plenty dust and debris.  This can cause the internal components of the system to freeze and hence contribute to low productivity. If you want your system to work at optimal levels you should schedule maintenance to have this problem rectified.

In addition the collection of dust can be hazardous to health as well. Allergy and asthma instances are related to dust accumulation in the home and work place. Make sure to maintain a healthy environment by having your coils cleaned. Take good care of your health at any cost.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Normally, condensation gathers on the evaporator when the system is operating at cooling capacity.  This condensation generally has somewhere to empty out however, if the condensate drain is blocked, the water build up will end up coming back into your home. Now that the cooling season is over take time out to have this assessed right away.

We at Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning want to ensure that you feel comfortable this season. Contact us for full maintenance and inspection.  Our expert team will rectify all issues and have your system working at its best. We are in the business of helping Californians adapt to the ever constant, seasonal changes that occur each year.