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The gas furnace is designed to convert natural gas into heat and distribute the warmth throughout your home. An investment in a high-efficiency gas furnace is a long-term venture that will eventually pay for itself. The efficiency of central furnaces is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Apart from saving money for homeowners , high efficiency gas furnaces produce steadier heat than older furnaces and are more environmentally friendly as they emit far less pollution.

Gas-Furnaces-Do-Make-Your-Home-Comfortable-valley-comfort-heating-and-air-conditioning-CAWhat you Should Know About The Gas Furnace

With the advances in technology , today’s gas furnaces are safer than ever before. Furnaces come with fail-safes for any foreseeable electrical malfunctions, gas leaks and other fire hazards. Once properly installed and maintained by professional service technicians the probability of fire is minimal. Although the technology now used in gas furnaces has been around for a while ,in the past , homeowners looking to protect their homes and families had to have these features installed independently  , which could be stressful. Over time , the design evolved to what is now regarded as industry standards in terms of safety.  Consequently homeowners rarely have to worry about the furnace causing damage ,or even loss , to property or loved ones.

The absence of a standing pilot is a significant difference between the modern central furnace and it’s predecessors. In older furnaces, a standing pilot needed to be on at all times, with gas furnaces it only needs to be on for the length of time that the heating cycle takes to compete. This is not only improvement in efficiency but also safety, a pilot that is perpetually lit increases the risk of danger. Three other innovations that make a new furnace a safer option are listed below.

Fan and Limit Switch

The fan and limit switch in a furnace can either be bundled together or come separately. The function the same regardless, the work together to regulate the temperature to avoid overheating. The fan switch controls when the blower motor turns on and off, while the limit switch keeps the furnace from overheating by shutting the gas valve when the temperature that connects air handler to the ducts becomes too high.

Flame Detector

The flame detector does exactly what it sounds like, it uses sensors determine whether or not there is a flame. With no flame to burn it , gas can leak into the home, the flame detector sends a signal to the control board to activate a safety lockout that stops the flow of gas.

Air Pressure Switch

The air pressure switch ensures gas is venting properly via the draft inducer. The draft inducer is meant to assist combustion gases in safely venting away from the home, but if airflow becomes reduced for any reason, the air pressure switch shuts off the gas.

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