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If you have an outdated home heating system, the time to upgrade is now. Energy efficient home heating systems provide a myriad of benefits. From lower utility bills to clean air and peace of mind, you will reap all sorts of rewards after installing an energy efficient HVAC system.

Reduce Your Home Heating Costs

energy efficient HVACWouldn’t it be nice to receive a lower monthly utility bill? Invest in a new energy efficient HVAC system and your home heating costs will be reduced. Once you add up the savings an energy efficient HVAC system provides across posterity, you will recover a substantial portion of your original investment. Energy efficient home heating systems require a surprisingly small amount of energy to generate hot air. This reduced energy consumption lowers your heating costs and also helps preserve our sensitive environment.

These machines are able to produce air at your selected temperature with minimal energy in part due to their comparably diminutive size. Pit an energy efficient HVAC system against an older system and you will almost always find that the newer version is smaller and consequently, requires less energy for operation. High efficiency systems provide an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 90 percent compared to the 65 percent provided by older systems. In some instances, these highly efficient machines end up paying for themselves in a couple of years thanks to their low cost of operation.

High-Quality Air

Outdated home heating systems are certainly capable of generating warm air yet it is almost always of inferior quality compared to the hot air created by new energy efficient systems. The unfortunate truth is that antiquated home heating systems tend to produce low-quality air that is rife with dirt, dust, allergens, mold, viruses, bacteria and pollutants. Don’t subject your loved ones to such air contaminants. Your family deserves the fresh and clean air produced by energy efficient HVAC systems.

Make the transition to an energy efficient home heating system and you will soon notice how much cleaner your home’s air is. You will likely suffer fewer illnesses and allergies thanks to the improved air quality provided by your new energy efficient HVAC system.

Balanced Heating and Cooling

Today’s high efficiency HVAC systems make use of advancements that create evenly warmed/cooled rooms and homes. The air flow generated by energy efficient HVAC systems is consistent throughout the entire home. This is a stark contrast to antiquated systems that tend to warm and cool certain rooms to one temperature and other rooms to a different temperature. If you have grown tired of inconsistent air flow, poor humidity control and unbalanced heating, make the transition to an energy efficient HVAC system and you will not be disappointed.

Superior Control

Today’s energy efficient heating and cooling systems make use of programmable thermostats. The same cannot be said of HVAC systems of yesteryear. A programmable thermostat gives you extensive control over your home’s temperature levels. Perhaps you would like your living room heated to 70 degrees and your spare bedrooms warmed to 62 degrees. This level of flexibility is possible thanks to programmable thermostats’ ability to warm/cool specific zones in the home. Such customization improves comfort while simultaneously reducing utility bills.

Transition to an Energy Efficient HVAC System Today

It doesn’t make sense to continue paying through the nose for home heating and cooling. Nor does it make sense to expose your family to dirty air and uneven heating. Make the leap to energy efficient home heating and cooling and you will wonder how you ever lived without this technology. Contact us today to learn more about our energy efficient HVAC systems.