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When an outdoor AC unit breaks down, it can wreak havoc on the life of a home owner. When an air conditioning unit breaks down, everyone in the home becomes uncomfortable. the home becomes very hot and unbearable. It is essential to have the unit repaired as quickly as possible but many home owners do not have the time or the money to wait on a repair man. Fortunately, there are many ways for home owners to repair their outdoor units. Below are a few tips to fix the outdoor AC unit.

Indoor Fan Stops Running
If your indoor fan stops running then it means there is no air flow coming to the registers in your home. to fix this problem, check the thermostat to see that it has power. A breaker may have been thrown or your thermostat may need new batteries. You may also need to reset the system. To do this, you can unplug the furnace or fan coil for a few minutes. Once you plug it back up, the unit should reset and begin cooling again.

Leaking Water From Indoor Unit
If your unit has shut down due to leaking water on the indoor portion, you will need to check the drain pan. Located under the cooling coil, the drain pan can become full of water and then cause the unit to shut down via the overflow switch. You will need to unplug the emergency drain line if you have an overflow switch on your unit. This should fix the problem. If you do not have an overflow switch, you will need to check the circuit breakers, turning them off than on and then check the unit.
No Air Flow In Home, Indoor Fan Running

If your home is not cool but the fan switch is on, then you need to check and see if air is flowing through the registers. This problem could mean that you have a clogged air filter. If this is the case, you will need to remove the filter and clean it or replace a new unit. You will then need to restart the new air conditioning system. Simply unplug the unit and then plug it back on after you have removed the clogged filters. The unit should come on, if not, you may have another issue.
Air Flow That Is Not Cold

If your unit is allowing the fan to run and the air flow is perfect, but the air is not cold then you most likely have an issue with the outdoor portion of your unit. The condenser fan needs to be checked to see if the compressor is running efficiently. If the compressor is running effectively and the condenser fan is not running then the unit needs to be turned off so no damage is incurred. The fan must then be tested for movement, if the fan moves well then the condenser fan most likely needs to be replaced. If the blades of the fan do not move well then the problem is a bad bearing. Spraying the bearing will allow the fan to work for a short time until you can hire a technician to help you.

If all of these steps fail to repair your AC unit or if you do not feel comfortable tackling the issues yourself, simply contact your local HVAC providerhttps://valleycomfortheatingandair.com/contact-us/ to help you repair your unit so you can be comfortable in your home.