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When warm weather arrives, it is essential that the climate control system in your home functions properly. You probably rely on your air conditioner to help you regulate the temperature in your house, so pay careful attention to the various devices that allow it to keep you cool and comfortable. The thermostat is one of the most essential components in any cooling system since it sets the temperature your air conditioner will work to maintain. However, some homeowners may encounter a blank thermostat when they attempt to start their air conditioners for the first time in a few months, which can cause confusion and prevent them from finding the comfort they need.

Without a working thermostat, there’s no way to use your air conditioner. It’s like having a healthy body with the brain removed. Learning why the thermostat is blank can help you fix this problem and return to using your air conditioner for its intended purpose. We’ve put together a guide that can help you learn the major causes of blank thermostats to prepare you if this issue arises in your home.

The Five Most Common Reasons Behind a Blank Thermostat

Blank Thermostat1) No Batteries: the most common cause of a blank thermostat is also the easiest one to solve. Many homeowners panic when they discover a blank screen on their thermostat and call for professional help, only to have their technician point out that the thermostat is out of batteries. If you notice a blank thermostat in your home when you are attempting to turn on the air conditioner, the very first thing you should do is check for batteries and try replacing any existing cells with new ones. Doing so may save you a significant portion of wasted time and embarrassment.

2) Circuit Breaker Set the Wrong Way: if you are sure that the problem with your thermostat has nothing to do with the batteries, you may wish to inspect your fuse box. Many thermostats do not depend solely on battery power to function. In fact, many of them use power from your home’s main grid. Open your box and check for breakers that have been flipped off. Your blank thermostat may simply be caused by a lack of electricity.

3) Electrical Wiring Problems: not all electrical problems are as easy to solve as turning on a switch. In some cases, the wiring in your home may be old, worn-out, or damaged. If this is the case, you should not attempt to solve the problem by yourself. Electrical wiring can be dangerous if you do not have extensive experience handling it, so you should always call a licensed HVAC specialist to look at your system and determine whether you need an electrician or not.

4) The Running Temperature of your HVAC is Too High: many HVAC systems have a safety shut off switches built into them, which turn the whole system off in the event of a problem that could cause damage. One such problem is that the running temperature of your HVAC is too high. If high running temperatures trigger the safety switch, the system will shut down to prevent damage to components and eliminate the risk of a fire.

5) There is Excess Moisture in Your HVAC System: another factor that can trigger the safety switch in your HVAC system is water overflowing from your drain pan. A water leak may be caused by blockages in the condensate drain line, so remove the drain pan to see if you can spot one. If you cannot, it may be best to have a licensed professional visit your home and check deeper down the line with specialized equipment. If the first three causes on this list do not account for your blank thermostat screen, a tripped safety shut off switch is the most likely explanation.

What to Do if You Cannot Solve the Problem by Yourself

Replacing batteries and throwing breakers is one thing, but the other causes of a blank thermostat require extensive professional skill and experience to solve. Ensure that you are taking a responsible approach to your thermostat problem by calling a licensed professional if you are out of your depth. Not only will a trained HVAC technician be able to tell you why the safety shut off switch in your system has activated; they will also be able to recommend an electrician if one is needed (or perform the work themselves if they are suitably qualified). Use this guide to help you deal with your blank thermostat safely and quickly, or to help you find someone who can. Doing so will ensure that you can experience predictable and satisfying AC service all summer long.

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