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Every year, the pace of technological change seems to get faster. Sometimes, it can even feel difficult to keep up with everything. Change doesn’t come only in the form of a new phone, or a larger television, or a faster Wi-Fi connection. Work goes on in every industry to improve quality of life for everyone, both through creating new technologies and by improving existing ones as well. That’s just as true in the world of heating and cooling as it is anywhere else. From improving how quickly you can reach a comfortable indoor temperature to improving energy efficiency, there are many advancements arriving and on the horizon. Many of them could ultimately save you money every month. What are some of the new heating options Santa Rosa residents may soon be able to enjoy?

Next-Generation Heat Pumps Take Efficiency to the Next Level

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Heat pumps already provide homeowners with an excellent option for energy savings in areas where winter temperatures remain relatively mild and rarely plunge below freezing. By using the power of physics (or its magic, depending on your perspective) to extract heat from the environment outside, these heat pumps can then transfer that energy to the air indoors. With no fuel to burn, it’s cost-effective and useful. However, they aren’t perfect.

There are many new technological developments ongoing in the world of heat pumps. The next generation of equipment will be able to tap into even greater efficiency thanks to improvements in the basic process and the components used. However, geothermally-linked heat pumps are becoming popular, too. This is different than extracting heat from the ground for power. Instead, your heat pump would circulate water more than a hundred feet underground, carrying out the same exchange process but with earth instead of air. While these systems already exist, they are improving year after year in efficiency and accessibility.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps Combine the Best of Both Worlds

Basic efficiency improvements and the growing promise of heating with geothermal loops aren’t the only advances in heat pump technology we can enjoy. Once a rarity, combination units, also known as “dual fuel” heat pumps, are offering an extended level of efficiency to homeowners in colder areas. Most of the time, the electric heat pump runs, offering effective warming without the need to fire up a furnace. However, the energy efficiency of an electric pump declines rapidly below freezing and can ultimately consume an expensive amount of power. In a dual fuel unit, the electric heat pump turns off below a cutoff temperature, and a high-efficiency furnace (usually natural gas-fired) takes over. With the best of both worlds, this type of unit could be an exciting new heating choice for Santa Rosa.

In-Floor Heating Keeps Your Feet Cozy

Radiant heating may not be new, but improvements to the technology underpinning it are piling up faster every year. With underfloor heating in spaces such as bathrooms or even bedrooms, you can take advantage of passive warming for individual spaces that requires neither your furnace nor a dedicated space heater. Provided by either loops of tubing carrying heated water or built-in heating elements, warmth seeps up through your floor and rises into the room. Not only is this a more cost-effective option for some homes, but it also gives you the benefit of a very pleasant place to walk on those cold and dark nights.

Internal Improvements Make a Difference in New Heating Choices for Santa Rosa

Sometimes, the biggest changes are the ones that are the hardest to see. In many cases, the technological leaps that mean the most are all about making improvements to components we already rely upon in daily use. The result is not only better heating (or cooling), but the ability to achieve the desired outcomes with a smaller power demand. Dual heat exchanger units, for example, double the amount of space in the unit for capturing and radiating heat into your home effectively. Likewise, newer motors continue to gain better computer-controlled speed variability. The result of that innovation is a “smarter” furnace that can tell when to crank up the heat and when to keep it low.

The good news is that unlike phones, there’s no pressure to purchase a brand-new air conditioner or furnace every year. However, for those already considering new heating in Santa Rosa and those who may need to upgrade soon, considering the latest technological advancements is a smart idea. After all, not only can you gain access to the benefits of better performance, but you can do so while potentially saving a bundle on your monthly electric bill. Speaking with a licensed heating company in the area is a good place to start when you have more questions about the “latest and greatest” things in the world of HVAC technology, such as the items described above. Will you put your home on the cutting edge? It could be the key to both going green and putting more green back in your pocket.