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Air conditioners can be quite bothersome when they are not working up to par.  Several issues can arise throughout the lifespan of your AC unit.   After all as with all things in life, age sure does take a toll. You would want to have the best return on investment.  AC repair is definitely required in instances where your unit is not blowing cold air or if you are experiencing leakage.

A leak is one of the most upsetting and common problems that your system can have. Your family can become quite irritated when the unit is not functioning in its full capacity. Repairing a leaking air conditioner is pretty simple however, repairing the damage caused by a leaking air conditioner is not as simple. Avoid spending huge sums of money on home repair due to damage caused by a leaking unit.

Why You May Experience a Leaky Unit

Your air conditioner can extract both heat and humidity from the air and this is all possible due to the refrigeration operation that takes place. There are a series of coils that are responsible for this to happen. In addition a chemical reaction which takes place due to the use of refrigerant also aids the process.

The refrigerant exhales the heat from the coil on the inside and vaporizers out into a gas.  Consequently, the coil chills and then collects water vapor from the air.   A badly stationed condensate tray or a congested drainpipe can cause leaks from your unit.  According to the location of your air conditioner, there can be plenty of damage incurred. If you are currently experiencing this you will need to call a technician immediately so as to safe guard your investment form further damage.

Preventing Air Conditioner Leaks

You can substantially lessen your possibilities of a water leak if you have an air conditioner maintenance annually.  Your AC technician should examine for the possibility of any leaks that may occur. Cleanse the drains and do any other functions that will boost your air conditioner’s performance and productivity.

Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for expert advice and maintenance.  We help our clients keep their units in top order by recommending how they should repair, maintain and replace if necessary their units. Remember during the hot months your AC unit is very essential and should not be side lined.  You’ll regret doing this in the long run.