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Living in Sonoma County can be extremely rewarding, and one of the many advantages of the area is its pleasant climate. However, every region undergoes periods where the temperature outside isn’t exactly balmy, and when they do, it’s important that residents find ways to stay comfortable indoors. Reliable heating and air are essential to your wellness and peace of mind if you want to weather even the harshest days of the year in bliss and serenity, but how can you make sure your heating and air systems are up to the challenge? Fortunately, we at Valley Comfort Heating and Air have put together a quick guide to help you use climate control to your utmost advantage this season.

Reliable heating is less of an exact science, and more the result of fulfilling several essential criteria. To achieve the best possible heating and air experience in your home, you will have to pay attention to what kind of system you purchase, how well you maintain it, and the people you choose to service or repair it when necessary. Below, we have addressed each of those categories so that you can provide your home with the best heating and air you can.

Choosing a Reliable Heating and Air System for Your Home

reliable heating and airOne of the most meaningful measures you can take to provide your home with reliable heating and air is to install a system that is appropriate for your home and can adequately fulfil its heating and cooling needs. There are several types of heating systems available to most homeowners in the United States, including HVAC systems, heat pumps, and biofuel stoves.

Heat pumps are commonly used in areas where the climate usually is quite balanced. A heat pump functions by moving heat out of the air in one area and exchanging it for cooler air in another, thereby warming the space. Heat pumps are reversible, which means they can be used to either heat up or cool down a home. However, they are of limited use in conditions where outdoor temperatures are unusually cold since there is less heat in the air available for extraction.

Biofuel stoves function by merely burning organic material to create heat. The increasing energy efficiency of these systems and the amount of available materials that can be used in them is making them popular in Canada and the United States, but they require more maintenance and cleaning than most other systems due to their reliance on chimneys and their need to be continuously loaded with fuel.

In most parts of the United States, HVAC systems still provide the ideal balance between energy efficiency and ease of use. Most HVAC systems use either natural gas or electricity to heat air and move it through a home via a series of ducts. They can be costly to install but are generally among the cheapest options to operate over long periods of time as long as they are maintained sufficiently.

How to Maintain Your Heating and Air Equipment

Maintaining your heating and air infrastructure will be a crucial part of ensuring that it always provides you with energy-efficient warmth (and cooling, in the sweltering summer months). If you own an HVAC system, one of the most important things you can do is clean or change the filters it uses each month. Air filters are vital to the reliability of your HVAC, but many people neglect them and suffer from poor air circulation in their homes as a result. Poor air circulation forces your system to work harder to move air through your home and drives up your utility bills while wearing out the system’s components prematurely. You should also check to make sure that debris is nowhere near your outdoor unit while it is in use, as it can cause blockages in your ducts—oh, and make sure to double check your thermostat settings before you fire up the furnace.

Hiring Professionals to Service Your System

Even if you take diligent care of your HVAC, there will be times that call for the services of a professional. In such cases, you would be well advised to choose a licensed contractor with a strong track record of providing service in your area. Licenses guarantee that your contractor comes with years of experience and that they have passed the exams issued by the State Licensing Board. They also show that your contractor has invested in their own abilities since the California SLB requires all applicants to file a bond to the tune of $10,000.

Reliable Heating and Air Starts with You

If you want to enjoy reliable heating and air in your Sonoma County home, you’ll face several important questions: what kind of system will you purchase, how well will you take care of it, and who will you call to assist when it requires service? Thinking about these matters in advance is the best way to guarantee success. Want to know more? Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air, and speak with one of our professionals who can give you additional information.

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