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Being in business is about selling something successfully — while many other businesses try to sell their products and services to yours. While it’s good to approach the many offers out there with caution, some services are clearly necessary for supporting your work. A commercial air conditioning service is one such necessity —and it’s not just for when things break down. Much like with one’s own health, preventative care (maintenance) is always a preferable alternative to making repairs after something goes wrong. The convenience of solving problems early is only one benefit to tapping into the service of an experienced team, however. There are many others. Consider why you should invest in regular assistance.

Improve Energy Efficiency Even During Peak Seasons

Commercial Air Conditioning ServiceTremendous amounts of energy expenditures are devoted solely to heating and cooling — your business is likely no different. Thus the energy efficiency of the business as a whole is often of great concern, especially with an increasing focus on “being green.” Environmentally friendly businesses practices aren’t just good for the planet, but they’re good for the pocket, too. A regularly and well-serviced commercial air conditioner will typically enjoy the ability to function at its full capacity and near its designed efficiency levels, even in the dead of summer. Such peak performance translates into a comfortable temperature with an agreeable level of energy consumption.

Contrast that with many of the problems that can crop up when a system is poorly maintained:

  • Poor airflow, causing the system to work harder to force air through ducts
  • Poor cooling, causing the unit to run longer
  • Increased risk of component failure

Each of these issues can have their own serious impact. Striving to keep your unit as efficient and budget-friendly as possible should be your aim.

Identify Shortcomings and Work to Address Them

Sometimes you believe you’re doing your best to maintain an efficient unit, but it turns out problems are lurking beneath the surface. Finding and addressing these concerns may not be as simple as looking around yourself. For example, consider the special tape used to help seal ductwork from leaks. Over time, this tape can wear out — or, in some cases, it’s possible your installation uses the wrong type of tape. Leaky ducts can lead to increased unit wear and tear and lowered efficiency but wouldn’t be an immediately obvious problem.

Likewise, very slow refrigerant leaks and other hard to spot issues can contribute to increased operating costs. Your commercial air conditioner service provider will identify these problems during service visits and offer solutions. You can’t fix what you don’t know about in the first place.

Dust Mites in your HVAC Ducts

Catch Problems Early and Prevent Expensive Failures

Regular visits by your commercial HVAC provider cover a lot of ground, examining various parts of the unit to ensure everything is in good condition to continue operating. By engaging this service regularly, your provider can learn more about your unit and develop a detailed history of maintenance. Along the way, your technician may spot issues that aren’t a problem now but could become one later. For example, consider a case where the blower fan motor does not always engage. There may be a problem with the wiring that causes the fan to have difficulty powering on. Take note of any unusual sounds or operational quirks you notice in between service and mention them during the next visit. By looking at these concerns early and often, you can avoid unwelcome surprises.

Receive Early Warning of a Unit’s Impending Retirement

Speaking of unwelcome surprises, complete failure is one scenario no business wants to face. A key advantage to relying on experienced service is the ability to find out when your unit is reaching the end of its usable life. Replacing a little early, rather than after efficiency declines and failure becomes imminent, helps to save room in your budget further. Meanwhile, your provider will be able to furnish you with plenty of useful suggestions for finding an appropriately sized unit to take the place of the old workhorse. Don’t fly blind — remember, the average HVAC unit only lasts between 15 and 20 years before replacement becomes a viable option.

Save More Over the Life of the Unit with Commercial Air Conditioning Service

From a look at the advantages, it should be clear that commercial air conditioning service is about more swooping in to make repairs at the last moment. Instead, it is an ongoing effort, and with proactive business owners, a pathway towards making the most of your investment in the appropriate cooling technologies. Make sure you find a professional HVAC service provider working in your area and accustomed to servicing the type of unit used in your building. Treat this critical piece of equipment with respect and enjoy the ability to stay cool and comfy at work all the time.