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One of the most common heating and cooling myths out there is that you can’t repair your own AC unit. In fact, you can easily do small repairs on your air conditioner by taking care of the simplest problems yourself. Here are the top five myths about AC repair, and the truth behind them

Myth 1: I can always fix it myself

There are some things that you can fix yourself, but air conditioning is not one of them. Air conditioners, like anything else electronic, run on power. And when it comes to something as complicated as an AC unit, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. You might cause more damage than good if you try to repair your own unit or if you’re working with a technician who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. That could mean higher costs in terms of time and money down the road.

That’s why it’s important to call a licensed technician when you need AC repair. A trained AC repair expert can diagnose and correct your unit’s problems quickly. And at Valley Comfort Heating and Air, we’re happy to take on any problem, big or small. We want to ensure that you don’t have to suffer through an uncomfortable summer season if your air conditioner breaks down for whatever reason. Instead, you can count on us for prompt service no matter what time of day or night—24/7! Plus, we provide service without long wait times since all of our technicians are skilled and well-trained.

Myth 2: Contractors are expensive

Some people believe that hiring a professional for AC repairs will be more expensive than doing it yourself. While you may initially spend more money by hiring a professional, your cost in wasted time, materials and frustration will make your repair experience much more costly. A contractor is able to diagnose and fix issues faster because they have access to parts and expertise not available to do-it-yourselfers. If you’re thinking about saving money on repairs, don’t risk an emergency situation or additional damage later on down the road by trying to perform AC repair yourself. Call your local contractor instead!

In expectations vs reality, there are many reasons why hiring a professional is cheaper than doing it yourself. First, if you try to repair an AC unit on your own, you’ll likely make mistakes that will end up costing you more money in terms of wasted time and resources. Hiring a professional will save you both time and money in repairs. Also, professionals have access to products and expertise that even advanced DIY-ers don’t have. Using substandard parts or trying to fix issues incorrectly can cause additional damage later on down the road. You may also be forced to pay for emergency calls made by neighbors or family members who attempted their own AC repair without success.


Myth 3: HVAC work is too technical

Some homeowners shy away from AC repairs because they assume it’s too technical for them to handle. In reality, however, with a little bit of knowledge and instruction you can complete simple AC maintenance on your own. Follow these steps if you need help: • Use a compressed air hose to blow out any dust in your unit (use extra caution so you don’t accidentally hit any electrical wires) • Replace old filters • Flush out any debris or sediment in your coils and condenser fan motor with water or freon • If your system has a drain line—which most do—clean it as needed using an auger or snake • Clean out fans and blowers inside equipment enclosures as needed.

If you’re uncomfortable with doing any of these tasks, call a professional. They’ll be able to perform AC maintenance as needed, including changing out parts and using cleanings or refrigerants. A simple AC maintenance program can save you thousands in repair costs over time, so it pays to educate yourself on your system and how to care for it properly. You can also find plenty of online resources that can walk you through basic home AC maintenance or help troubleshoot specific problems.
You should have noticed a trend throughout each story – when we discuss both characters in detail, and incorporate examples into our writing. This allows us to show instead of tell , which is an important part of writing good business content!


Myth 4: It’s cheaper to live with poor ventilation

A poor ventilation system can actually increase your energy consumption, which will cost you more money in utility bills. The right installation will keep your cooling costs at a minimum, making it a worthwhile investment. And if you live in an area prone to high humidity, a dehumidifier could add to its efficiency. Even during hot summers, you want your home’s air to flow freely through vents and out through windows. Having your system checked before these temperatures rise can save you money on wasted energy by checking that there aren’t any problems with your vents or ducts. Valley Comfort Heating and Air specializes in residential and commercial HVAC services like AC repair & installation!

With a regular checkup on your home’s ventilation system, you won’t have to worry about replacing it and paying for additional energy bills. An improperly maintained ventilation system can cause potentially dangerous situations like CO2 build-up, mold growth and structural issues. If left unaddressed, these issues can turn into serious problems in your household and an even bigger dent in your wallet if you pay to get them fixed. With proper maintenance of your HVAC systems you not only protect yourself against higher utility bills, but you protect yourself from costly repairs down the road that may leave you exposed to increased energy costs in order to replace parts or entire systems that haven’t been kept up with.


Myth 5: Repair companies don’t offer warranties

It is true that many repair companies don’t offer warranties on their work, but those who do are likely to be more honest. A business that has nothing to hide is likely to put its money where its mouth is. When considering an air conditioning repair, you want someone reputable who will stand behind his or her work, not a shady character who’s going to disappear once your system fails again. What kind of repairman doesn’t offer a warranty? Find another! If you want fast and efficient service at an affordable price with no gimmicks and no hidden costs, then you want Valley Comfort Heating and Air.

A lot of air conditioning repair companies don’t offer warranties because they know their work is poor quality and will break down again within months. While many other repair businesses might have a better reputation, their prices are also likely to be higher. In contrast, at Valley Comfort Heating and Air we believe that quality should come first, which is why we offer great prices and professional, thorough service you can trust. We aim to provide fast responses and same-day service because we want our customers to stay comfortable all year round. We treat every job as an opportunity to learn more about cooling systems so we can continue giving you efficient services in your area for years to come.