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So, you’ve decided it’s time to finally call a licensed and professional service provider for an HVAC tune-up — good idea! Regular maintenance can help you avoid many of the problems that lead to costly repairs or even outright replacements in the future. Whether you’re requesting a summertime air conditioner check-up, or you want to be sure that your furnace is ready for the winter, a thorough inspection is a smart investment as a homeowner.

What should you expect from this process? In other words, what will the contractor you select do once they arrive at your home to carry out the service visit? Here’s a quick look at what to anticipate.

What Parts of Your System Will a Technician “Tune-Up”?

The most important aspect of the HVAC tune-up, and the process that will take the most time, involves the actual servicing of your equipment. Your technician will closely examine all parts of your air conditioner, furnace unit, or both. Looking for signs of wear and damage, they will also carry out other important tasks during this effort. These include:

  • Cleaning the spaces inside and around the unit, removing dust from blower fans, and ensuring good airflow through the system
  • Replacing dirty air filters throughout the home with new filters
  • Checking refrigerant pressure and testing for leaks
  • Cleaning outdoor units and keeping them free from debris
  • Testing the system to see if the airflow is appropriate and the cooling cycle works correctly
  • Examining furnace equipment for signs of damage that could be dangerous, such as cracked heat exchangers.

Overall, your HVAC technician will run down a list with many items on it to ensure that your units receive a thorough evaluation.

Regular Service Visits Also Involve Checking Installation Quality

If the technician you call to visit your home is not from the same company that installed your units, they may wish to verify the quality of your installation. This inspection is a normal process even when you’re using the same provider. The goal is to evaluate the unit’s overall health and determine if there are any problems with the way the unit was installed. If they notice an issue with the indoor or outdoor units, they may have suggestions for you to consider. Additionally, annual maintenance is a chance for a technician to assess whether your unit would be better replaced with a newer, more efficient installation.

What Happens When a Problem Arises During Service?

Sometimes, a technician may discover that your system has an issue you were unaware of before the service visit. This might be a leaking refrigerant line, fraying wiring inside the unit, or some other issue that could impact safety and performance in the future. What happens then?

You don’t have to decide on the spot, although your technician may be able to provide a repair on the same day. Watch out for scams and ask questions about the issue. When financially possible, consider opting for the immediate repair instead of delaying the issue. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies knowing your unit is in good shape from top to bottom and ready to provide the heating or cooling you need. 

How Long Does an HVAC Tune-Up Take?

Most service visits will only take about an hour to complete, or more if you have multiple units or a very large home. Depending on the additional services you request, this process may take more time. Your provider can give you an estimate of the time it will take when you schedule service. For safety, you should always be at home during the process, especially so that the technician can speak with you about the results of their work. Since you only need a tune-up once or twice a year, it takes less time and effort on your part than most other check-ups you might deal with in a year — such as at your dentist’s office.

What Will I Pay for My Tune-Up?

The cost of annual service varies from area to area and by the provider, but the average maintenance visit is far less than the price of a new unit or an emergency repair. For firm numbers, contact your preferred service provider and ask for a quote on a tune-up service. Most businesses will be happy to tell you the price over the phone. Use this information to “comparison shop,” but keep in mind that there are other factors to consider besides price. Experience and reliability are important attributes, too.

Schedule Regular Service Today for Peace of Mind 

Although every service provider varies their routine based on personal preference and professional experience, the above comprises a good overview of what you should anticipate from an HVAC tune-up. By investing the time to have a professional look after your equipment once or twice a year, you can extend its useful life, enjoy better reliability, and keep your energy bills in check, too. Find the local help you need today.