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Commercial air conditioners are practically a requirement for California businesses who want to keep their workplaces healthy, happy, and productive. Your air conditioner will help regulate the temperature and air quality in your office, workshop, or showroom—providing comfort and peace of mind for employees and visitors alike. However, as the saying goes: your air conditioner is only as good as your air conditioner installer. Wait, that’s not a saying? Well, it should be.

 air conditioner installer

The professional who installs your air conditioner will have an incredible impact on its ability to function properly. Installation ensures that the machine you’ve invested in will provide the value you expect for your business. Conversely, many common air conditioner problems can be traced back to a shoddy or hastily-carried-out installation where corners were cut, or mistakes were made. Below are five criteria that any commercial air conditioner installer worth their C-20 license should possess. Ensure that your contractors meet these standards, and you’ll be able to expect top-notch work from them that will guarantee you a successful installation and the coolest workplace in the neighborhood.

  • My commercial air conditioner installer is fully licensed.

A license is much more than just a sheet of paper with your contractor’s name and a few stamps on it. It’s a document proving that they have the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle essential jobs—such as installation. In California, HVAC technicians are required to hold a C-20 license before they can take on any work costing more than $500. Licensed contractors are even preferable on smaller jobs because the license proves that they have passed exams and worked in the industry for several years.

Your installation is likely to cost at least $1800 (on the low end), so there’s no way you should let an unlicensed contractor handle the job. Ensure compliance with the law and enjoy an installation carried out by competent pros when you hire a contractor who comes to you with all the necessary qualifications.

  • My installer demonstrates incredible knowledge about their products and services.

In addition to holding a license, your technician should be able to prove that their knowledge is current and fresh. Air conditioning is a dense field full of different problems and potential solutions, so one surefire way to hire an excellent technician is to verify that they’re paying attention to all these areas.

Perhaps the easiest way to verify your contractor’s knowledge is to hire one who runs an informative blog about their work. You can gain considerable insight into your contractor’s style, priorities, and effectiveness by reading about their experiences on other jobs and researching their approach to problems.

  • My installer is super-experienced with my particular brand of air conditioner.

No two air conditioner models are exactly alike, so it’s not reasonable to expect that the same contractor will be equally comfortable with any brand you ask them to install. This provides a compelling argument to hire an experienced contractor, but it also allows you to choose an excellent contractor based on the model that you plan on buying. Once you’ve selected a brand of commercial air conditioner for your space, make sure you find a contractor who has plenty of experience installing similar products. Doing so will ensure that your air conditioner is installed by a professional who understands its unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and quirks.

  • My installer offers yearly service contracts that make maintaining my system a breeze.

It’s often advisable to have your air conditioner serviced by the same people that install it. Building a relationship with your contractor is vital because the longer they spend working on your system, the quicker they will be able to diagnose problems and implement solutions in the future. However, you’ll receive the best value for your continued patronage of an HVAC service company if you sign a yearly service agreement with them. These agreements will ensure that your installer visits your property once or twice a year and diagnoses the system to identify (and fix) any issues.

  • My installer is friendly, honest, and available when I need them most.

Before you decide on your installer, take stock of their character. Do they seem like the kind of person you want to let onto your property and work on your HVAC? Look for testimonials of each service company you call, so that you can research the kind of experience other clients have had with them. These reviews will let you know that your technician is fast, reliable, and easy to access in your times of need—which will provide an edge during installation and on any subsequent work they do for you.

Choosing your air conditioner installer can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep our criteria in mind whenever you’re looking for an installer, and you’ll find that putting an HVAC in your commercial space is as relaxing as a breath of fresh air.

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