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In the know home and business owners understand that the best time for air conditioner service is long before something goes seriously wrong. Regular maintenance wins over major repairs every time. For businesses, a properly maintained system saves time and money and keeps employees and customers comfortable and happy. Homeowners can realize substantial savings on their energy costs and avoid pricey repair bills down the road.

Not all air conditioning repairs can be avoided, but there are some steps you can take today to help your cooling system operate at its optimal efficiency.

Protect Your Bottom Line

When you put off regularly scheduled air conditioner service, you may end up paying some or all of these hidden costs in emergency repairs:

  • Your energy bill increases every month as the unit becomes less efficient.
  • You pay more to replace expensive parts that wear out due to overheating.
  • Air conditioner service calls are more expensive, as the work is more extensive and more parts are needed.
  • Your A/C unit may need to be replaced years before its full life cycle.

Scheduled Air Conditioner Service

While it’s possible to do some basic maintenance on your own, an expertly trained professional may be your best bet for checking the cooling system’s operation and making any necessary adjustments or repairs. The pros recommend having your cooling unit serviced at least once a year, or every six months if it sees a lot of use. Here are some of the air conditioner services provided during a scheduled maintenance call:

  • Battery check in programmable units.
  • In order to cool a home or building’s interior air, an A/C unit needs to draw outdoor air into the system. A specialist will ensure the outdoor condenser is not blocked by weeds, shrubbery, or other outdoor components.
  • Dirty filters are often the culprit in major air conditioning fails. They can destroy your unit’s energy efficiency and, in extreme cases, cause the evaporator to ice over. Permanent filters will be check and cleaned and non-permanent ones will be replaced. Not only will your A/C unit perform better, your lungs will thank you for protecting them from serious respiratory problems.
  • Access panels will be checked to make sure all screws are in place and secure and exterior debris will be removed.
  • Check controls and emergency switches.

Prevent Major Breakdowns With Regular Air Conditioner Service

There are two major reasons for scheduling regular air conditioner service: to prevent major breakdowns and to give you peace of mind. Any time is a good time to budget for a tune-up, but you’ll beat long wait times and avoid higher prices if you schedule your service call before the peak summer months. A good air conditioner service company will work with you to minimize disruption to your home life or business operations by scheduling service around your schedule. One way or another, you need to invest in the upkeep of your A/C system. Why not protect your bottom line by scheduling regular maintenance on your unit today?