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Boiler servicing is very necessary for home owners. You may wonder if there is a way that the average homeowner can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a consistent yearly basis just by calling in a certified service engineer?

Surprising, the answer is yes since the average energy expenditure in the United States today is over $3,000 per person, according to Energy.gov, and half of the average person’s energy expenditures go to home heating and cooling.

Heating Maintenance

Doing the math, this means that the average person is spending anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 per year on heating and cooling.

Now, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions coupled with the shale revolution and lower natural gas prices have definitely done their parts to bring down that figure, but what many homeowners and businesses might be overlooking is the fact that boiler servicing can save them even more money consistently.

Saving Money With Boiler Maintenance and Servicing 

That might sound like a bold claim to make…can it also be true? Can homeowners really end up saving hundreds per year and thousands of dollars per decade on their home energy expenditures simply by calling in a certified service engineer to take a look?

Considering the fact that HomeAdvisor found that repairing a broken boiler had a low cost of only $99 and an average of approximately $350, repairing your boiler really is in your family’s financial best interest.

Common Issues: Circulatory Pumps and Expansion Tanks 

Boilers powered by natural gas need regular maintenance to eke out the most efficiency and perform to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Fortunately, for homeowners and businesses overseeing potentially dozens of offices these same boilers are designed to last for years and perform at a high level of efficiency throughout the manufacturer’s warranty.

Where you might likely encounter problems, though, would be with the boiler’s circulator pump or expansion tank.

  • Circulator Pump Problems

Your home heating’s circulator pump is designed to take hot water from your boiler and shunt it through to your home’s network of pipes and radiators.

The end result of this process – when everything is working properly – is heat, comfort, and energy-efficiency for you and your family. The unfortunate news is that these relatively small mechanical pumps can encounter problems from time to time: The good news is that these problems are easy to diagnoses and fix.

A certified service engineer will help determine whether your boiler or thermostat is malfunctioning or if the problem lies with a mechanical issue with your heating system’s circulator pump.

You might notice a lot of noise with your otherwise silent circulator pump or a leak in the pump from too much water pressure.

Chances are if your boiler isn’t hot then your boiler and/or thermostat might be experiencing an issue whereas if your boiler is hot – but the water is not being taken away from the tank – then you might have a mechanical problem with the circulator pump.

Your heating system’s expansion tank – designed to ensure that the pressure in your home heating system does not approach the boiler’s relief valve and cause issues – needs to be absorbing water and enabling air flowing through the expansion tank the ability to properly compress.

Certified service technicians know how to diagnose circulator pump and expansion tank issues, and make the necessary repairs or installations.

If any of these things is torpedoing the energy-efficiency of your heating system, then you need a service engineer to come in – and purge your circulatory pump or repair your boiler’s expansion tank – so that you can experience the highest energy efficiency possible and start saving more money on your monthly energy expenses once again. Contact us and enjoy these savings!

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