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Santa Rosa is a city with many distinguishing characteristics. It is, for example, a city where people enjoy good wine. It is also a city where people might go bird watching for egrets, herons, and other interesting avians. Perhaps most importantly though, Santa Rosa is a city where people need air conditioners. During the hot and dry summer months, temperatures in Santa Rosa have been known to climb above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Investing in an HVAC can be quite a big decision, which is why so many people hesitate to purchase one. Prospective customers often feel that they have too many unanswered questions to take on the responsibility of an HVAC for their building, leaving them between a rock and a hot place, so to speak. If you live in the Santa Rosa area, you’ll be glad to know that we came up with answers to some of the most common HVAC maintenance questions for people in your region. Read on, and discover enough about these systems to invest in one with confidence.

How Often Should You Check Your Air Filter(s)?

FAQs About Maintaining an AC in Santa Rosa CAThis is one of the all-time most frequent questions people ask about HVAC maintenance. Many people aren’t sure when to change their filters, and some people don’t even know where they’re located. The result is that many just leave their old air filters in the system long after they’ve ceased to function properly. This can have an extremely negative impact on your unit’s performance since it can allow bacteria to build up inside and create clogs that force your unit to work overtime. It’s best to check your air filters at least once a month—or, to save time, buy high-efficiency filters that can last for up to three months. If you don’t know where your air filters are, just look for the filter access door typically located near your indoor unit or furnace.

What Should I Do to Clean My Ducts?

Even if you swap out your filters regularly, there will be times when your ducts need cleaning. Bacterial buildup over time is practically inevitable—the right filters just slow down the process. Duct cleaning should take place on an annual basis, but many people don’t have the skills or time to do it properly. For that reason, it’s almost always a good idea to hire professional cleaners for a job like this. Investing in a bit of help on a regular basis can contribute to preventing a more costly malfunction caused by ducts with years of unsavory buildup in them.

What Kind of Refrigerant Should My System Use?

The Refrigerant is probably the most important substance in your HVAC, but you would be surprised by how many people know almost nothing about it. Essentially, the refrigerant is the chemical that allows your AC to cool the air in your home. However, there are various types, and some are more environmentally friendly than others. Due to recent concerns about global warming, a number of recent regulations have been imposed on the types of refrigerants you can use in HVAC systems. If you’re looking at an HVAC system, always make sure to ask about using Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) Refrigerants.

How Much Maintenance Can I Do Myself?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of things you can take care of on your own when it comes to HVAC maintenance in Santa Rosa. A big one is going to be keeping twigs, leaves, lawn clippings and other debris away from the outdoor components of your unit. Santa Rosa has an abundance of natural flora, which is nice to look at but not necessarily good for your HVAC. Just walking around your outdoor unit every couple of days and clearing debris away from it in a two-foot radius is one of the best ways to prevent clogs from forming early, while a cup of water and bleach poured through your condensate drain on a monthly basis can keep bacteria away from your heat pump too.

Should I Trust My Thermostat?

This is a big one. You hear people talking all the time about receiving unexpectedly high energy bills even though they kept their thermostats low, but there’s a reason for that: sometimes, your thermost at isn’t working properly. This is often because many thermostats aren’t compatible with certain HVAC systems, resulting in malfunctions and electrical problems. Always check to make sure that your thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system before you invest too heavily in it.

Hopefully, this answers some of your questions about how to care for an HVAC system responsibly. Having an HVAC is an excellent way to stay cool during the hottest months of the year if you’re willing to take good care of it, and knowing where to start is the most important part. Contact us for more information.

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