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Thinking about upgrading your home? You may currently want to add a new heating system to help you battle the winter months. Making a decision on whether to buy a heat pump or centralized unit system might be one of your concerns.  Once you know the basics and how each system works, then you would be able to make that decision based on what it is you are looking for.

Heat pumps and centralized AC units work using the same concept but have some slightly different features that you should know of.  They both  distribute refrigerant between an indoor and outdoor system.  Additionally, a series of coils that move air from one destination to the other operate within both systems. However there are a number of differences in the installation process.  Heat pumps come in different types and sizes, but they tend to look similar to the centralized unit. Read on to find out how you can differentiate the two.

More Heat Pump Benefits

 Heat-Pump-Outshines-AC-Unit-Heres-Why-valley-comfort-heating-and-air-CAThe reserving benefit is the chief difference between the heat pump and the centralized air conditioner. Heat pumps can be used to either heat or cool your home. This added benefit is made possible mainly because the heat pump is able to transition from a heating to a cooling machine. Imagine having a system that can change the atmospheric conditions in your home to either hot or cold. Now that’s incredible and surely is a worthwhile investment.  Your installation budget will help you decide on units that are affordable.

Another difference is the drainage.  For a centralized air conditioner, the unit is only able to eliminate added condensed moisture from the interior coil.  Whereas, heat and moisture are extracted from the air within your home.  In a heat pump system, condensation can happen along the outdoor coil during the heating setting.  As a result, condensed moisture is extracted from the outdoor unit as well.  If your temperatures are seldom below the 40’s during the winter season, the heat pump is the perfect heating solution for your home.

Even though, there is very little contrast between installing a centralized air conditioner and a heat pump.  The specific features you may be looking for will determine your preference.  A heat pump is more cost effective especially for those chilly winters that you might have to experience. Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for more information on how we can help you stay warm this winter season.