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Commercial businesses of many kinds must take steps to ensure that the air quality in their facilities is suitable for customers and staff. Depending on the nature of your business and the type of equipment used there, you may have a certain amount of smoke with which to contend. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make sure that your premises has a proper smoke filtration system. Those of you who are unfamiliar with these systems can benefit from learning more about what they are, when they’re necessary, and how they work. The better you understand the systems that filter smoke in your workplace, the more you’ll be able to care for them and the longer they’ll last.

How Does a Smoke Filtration System Clean the Air in Your Building?

Smoke Filtration System

Most smoke filtration system options are made up of the same basic components. Understanding each of these components and the role it plays in helping the apparatus remove smoke from the atmosphere in your space will help you choose more effective options.

The three major components in most smoke filtration systems are as follows:

  • Pre-filters: pre-filters are generally used to capture particularly large smoke particles before they have a chance to reach the rest of the apparatus. As such, an effective pre-filter can extend the lifespan of a smoke filtration system considerably — since it causes less strain to be placed on the components that take care of more insidious particles.
  • Carbon filters: once smoke has passed through the pre-filter and most of the large particles have been filtered out, it must pass through a carbon filter. The carbon filter’s job is to remove finer gases, which also helps it to reduce odors and fumes.
  • HEPA filters: when the smoke has passed through both the pre-filter and the carbon filter, it will be forced through an HEPA filter. These filters use a fine mesh to catch super-fine particles, raising the indoor air quality in the space considerably by preventing the smoke from being recycled into the air as the commercial HVAC system is running.

In most HVAC systems, it’s recommended that you change all filters monthly. However, well-maintained commercial HVAC systems that use high-quality smoke filters can preserve the longevity of both their carbon filters and HEPA filters by significant margins. The pre-filter should still be changed on a monthly basis, but by doing so, the owner can ensure that the carbon filter only needs to be changed once every two months — and the HEPA filter should function properly for up to one year.

Environments where a Commercial Smoke Filtration System Should be Used

There are several environments where smoke filtration systems such as the kind described above should always be used. These environments include the following:

  • Commercial kitchens: smoke from food and cooking equipment is still detrimental to indoor air quality, especially when it is produced constantly or in high volumes. Using a smoke filter system can help your restaurant remain compliant with local regulations in your area, improve the health of your employees, and prevent dirty air from affecting the quality of the food you serve to customers.
  • Machine shops: mechanical equipment that burns fuel almost always produces smoke, and the fumes from such exhaust can be toxic in large quantities. Using a smoke filter system keeps this smoke from building up when you and your team members are working so that they can breathe more easily.
  • Garages and auto repair centers: areas that are routinely used for work on car engines are likely to be full of smoke and can also collect fumes from paints and chemical cleaners. Using a high-quality filtering system in your commercial HVAC for such an area will make it a safer and more comfortable place for everybody who occupies it, as long as you care for the system properly with services such as regular duct cleaning.

The Benefits of Breathing Clean Air

Taking the smoke out of the air in your workplace (or any other building, for that matter) can help you avoid several serious health problems. Prolonged exposure to smoke can cause the following complications:

  • Higher risks of lung cancer
  • Increased chances of contracting emphysema
  • Exacerbated symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma

Fresh air, on the other hand, strengthens your immune system and helps protect you from various diseases. It also lowers stress, improves mood, and provides higher energy levels for the people who inhale it. That’s right: using a commercial smoke filter for your business could actually make your workers more productive as well as making them healthier.

Are You Considering a Smoke Filtration System for Your Business?

Smoke filtration systems are essential in many commercial environments, but they’re a smart idea for practically any building. If you’re thinking about purchasing one, make sure you have it installed by licensed and certified HVAC contractors who you can trust to make sure it’s installed and commissioned correctly.

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