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Having the HVAC system within your home, has proven to be very effective for  homeowners, as they provide an exceptional level of comfort and convenience. Nevertheless, HVAC maintenance is inevitable as equipment is mechanical and eventually, will either break or malfunction. Therefore, we suggest, that the best way to tackle these concerns, before they become an issue, is to create a HVAC maintenance checklist. This checklist is to ensure, that all the working pieces of the system, are inspected and maintained, in order to prevent a total system failure, that could end up costing a fortune to replace.

How To Create A HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC maintenance When creating your checklist, the first thing that should be done, is to make a note of all the components, that make up your HVAC system. Taking care not to overlook any, one part. This is important to remember because the entire system works collectively, so if any one part is neglected, it can cause a malfunction of the entire system.  With that said and having created a list of the equipment’s components, the next step would be to include information like, the manufacturer, model number, specs and the date the unit was manufactured. This list will serve as a glossary to your maintenance checklist. Here is sample list of HVAC components, to give you an idea of what your list should look like:

HVAC System Components:

  • Regulators
  • Automation
  • Valves
  • Coils
  • Condensers
  • Gears
  • Fans
  • Pumps & Strainers
  • Foundations & Blots
  • Bearings
  • Controllers
  • Motors & Couplings
  • Duct Work

Once you have completed your HVAC maintenance checklist, the next step would be, to comb  through the manufacturers manuals, to identify your particular, HVAC appliances. These documents offer insight, into the best, maintenance techniques and can provide a timeline for how and when the appliance should be serviced. In addition, these manuals contain several illustrations, that can help to provide more, visual, information, about your system.  Keep in mind, that the actual installed system may differ slightly depending on what obstacles were presented and what measures were taken, during the installation process.

For homeowners that have decided or are considering drafting a HVAC maintenance checklist, a good idea, would be to get the input of a seasoned professional. Their expertise is valuable and can help, by offering useful tips or clarification on things, that you may find too complicated.  Another important, thing to consider, is the way in which you write your HVAC checklist. Once  written correctly, this document should serve as a guide to you, for as long as your system is functioning. Be sure to make your draft  clear, concise and descriptive. This will ensure that HVAC maintenance is planned, documented and completed correctly, to keep your machine functioning for years to come. Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning today!