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The homes and businesses of warmer climates benefit from air conditioning systems, and some call for innovative measures in the quest for cool comfort. In a building with a steam or hot water system, a boiler heats water or another liquid. The heated liquid, or the steam it creates, is then sent into pipes strategically located throughout the building. There is no duct work involved. Consequently, homes that are heated with a hot water or steam system present the challenge of distributing chilled air without the advantage of existing air ducts. Fortunately, this is a challenge that can be accepted and overcome. Many home or business owners do not realize that cooling a home via duct work is only one of many options for air conditioning. There are three workable methods for Adding Air Conditioning To A Boiler.

The least expensive option, starting at $3,500, is a mini split air conditioning system. With this system, the condenser, an essential component in the cooling process is located outside the building and the air handling unit, which controls and moves the chilled air, is secured to the wall inside. An advantage to this system lies in the fact that the home or business owner can select specific areas to cool.

An attic air conditioning system, which carries a higher price tag of $8,000- $15,000, places the air handler in the attic of the home or business, and leaves the condenser outside. Duct work must be installed to move the air, so this system is more costly and installation may be a bit more invasive, but it can cool the entire building, and many consider it money well spent.

The most expensive method, costing $12,000- $20,000, also involves placing the air handler in the attic of a building. This system moves the air through small round tubing. It is a high velocity adaptation of the system that uses ducts. It is efficient, takes up less room than a traditional duct work system, and is very quiet. What’s more, the final results are more aesthetically pleasing, with less disruption to the interior of the building.

There is no need to abandon hope for a comfortable existence when the temperatures climb to uncomfortable levels, and your home is heated with a boiler. These workable options will allow everyone to enjoy the relief of cooled air.

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