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If you are looking for a reliable HVAC system that will keep you and your loved ones warm regardless of how cold it gets outside, look no further than the Carrier brand. Carrier heating systems are revered around the world for their reliability, durability and efficiency. Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to sell you a Carrier HVAC system.

About Carrier Heating and Cooling Systems

Carrier manufactures gas/oil furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and central air conditioners for residences of all varieties. Carrier has been in business since 1904.This HVAC provider has enjoyed extensive success across the past decades. Carrier is a publicly traded company that is focused on making homeowners as comfortable as possible without busting their budgets.

Carrier only does business with those who meet the standards required to become a factory authorized dealer. This means our personnel is certified by the North American Technician Excellence program, attends classes at the Carrier Academy and also completes product training classes. Schedule your Carrier home heating system installation and you will find that our heating and cooling experts adhere to the highest industry standards. Our aim is to keep you warm regardless of how cold it gets outside.

The Carrier Guarantee

Each customer who purchases a Carrier heating/cooling system is provided with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Warranty details differ according to specific units yet the vast majority of registered Carrier systems are covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty. If the product is not registered, the warranty reverts to the 5-year variety. Do not hesitate to ask us about extended warranties that are available on labor. These assurances are just some of the reasons why so many homeowners swear by the Carrier name.

Carrier Furnaces

Let us install a Carrier heating system in your home and your comfort will be assured even during the most frigid winter days. Ask around and you will find that Carrier furnaces are beloved by just about everyone who has one in their home. Carrier home heating systems are affordable, quiet and efficient.

Carrier’s Legacy 80 series has an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of about 80 percent, easy-to-use Perfect Light ignition and a straightforward single-stage operating speed. If you are looking for the continually adjusting fan speed and uber-quiet operation, consider the Legacy Line 80 Plus. Those concerned with fuel efficiency will immediately fall in love with the Legacy Plus 90. Additional Carrier Legacy Line furnaces and other models provide all sorts of niceties that will keep your living space comfortable, generate perfectly clean air and reduce your utility bills.

Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning Will Keep You Comfortable Through the Winter and Beyond

If your home heating system is outdated, inefficient, loud, smelly or flawed in any other manner, do not hesitate to reach out to Valley Comfort and Air Conditioning for a new Carrier home heating system. Our HVAC experts will install a Carrier system that keeps your living space nice and toasty throughout the duration of the winter and years into the future. Carrier is a reliable brand name you will grow to trust and recommend to your friends. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Contact us today to schedule the installation of your new Carrier home heating system. Sonoma County customers can reach us by dialing (707) 539-4533. Napa Valley customers can reach us by dialing (707) 539-4533.
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