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What are Air Conditioning Myths? Simple misperceptions about the usage of the air conditioner, the myths say that following them leads to faster and efficient cooling. However, believers of the myths are unaware that they actually raise electricity bills! Today, we consider three popular myths and then debunk them.

Firstly, the most common of all Air Conditioning Myths is that a low thermostat setting leads to faster cooling. However, in reality, air conditioning speed remains unaffected by thermostat temperature. A low thermostat setting only results in a lower temperature than required, since the air conditioner is working harder. An exception to this myth is if the particular air conditioner you own has “low, medium and high” options instead of thermostat settings. In this case, selecting the “high” option will indeed lead to increase in cooling speed.

Moving on, the second most common myth is that positioning of the air conditioner has no effect on cooling. However, fact is that placement is a major determinant of efficient cooling. For instance, an air conditioner surrounded by heat producing appliances will work longer than necessary, for the temperature in its vicinity is higher than room temperature. Another example is of a conditioner encircled by objects hampering air flow, yet again causing it to work harder than required.

The last myth under consideration is that the air conditioner should be left running in a temporarily unoccupied space, because switching it on and off wastes energy. But truth is that this only causes the air conditioner to overwork. Instead, the efficient method would be to set a timer on the conditioner so that it begins cooling before the return of the household.

To summarize, we have revealed that; i) low thermostat setting does not result in faster cooling, ii) positioning of the air conditioner does matter, iii) leaving the air conditioner on, is not energy efficient. By avoiding these Air Conditioning Myths, you may lower your electricity bill until it reflects the actual cost of cooling. If you found our advice useful, follow us for more great articles on heating, air conditioning and home needs!